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Friday afternoon and super nice out again. I feel a little tired today but I did go and get my latte and a blueberry scone earlier. Soon I am taking Chhaya out, might even go for a run later. Working tonight and probably all weekend. "The pick of the litter", meaning I - have to make an appearance so people don't get disappointed....... ;-)

Just wanted to write about something while it is still fresh in my mind. Had a friend call me today. She was somewhat upset. A guy she has been seeing on and off since last fall slept with one of her friends. Some girl she had introduced him to and they hung out together a few times. My friend and this girl spent lots of time together for a few months, the girl seemed very nice, she was into yoga, spirituality, she seemed happily married with two kids. And then she kind of withdrew and started avoiding my friend. And now the truth comes out, she slept with my friends guy. I don't know if it happened more than once but it happened. That is not ok. They are old enough to know better. I told my friend to dump the guy right away, I never really liked him, he is young and very immature, too unpolished. My girlfriend says he is well endowed but whatever he has in between his legs he lacks in all the other departments. A big schlong oly goes so far and then it becomes annoying. You can't have any meaningful conversations with a schlong. Actually, I don't like really big schlongs - they don't fit.
And what I think is really pathetic is that this girl, the married one, puts up all kinds of happy stuff of her loving husband on Facebook, showing everyone how perfect and loving their marriage is etc. And then she gets with my friends guy.
BARF!!! Fake hypocrite! I think that most people put the fakest stuff on Facebook, it is kind of lame. Things are always great and they all fish for some kind of positive reinforcement and compliments, not all but many do. I don't put a lot of stuff up there, I spend way more time on my blog where I think I can express who I really am, good and bad instead of some limited Facebook stuff. But my Mom is on Facebook and that's kind of how she keeps tabs on me, she doesn't look at my blog too much because she does not read English. But really, first you put up a bunch of bullshit crap about your "happy" marriage so all of your hundreds of (fake) Facebook friends can ooooooh and aaaaaah over what a cute, loving couple you are and then you fuck my friends guy? LAME! NASTY! SHADY! If that was me, I would not hesitate to notify the loving husband of this little indiscretion. I am not ok with people sleeping with a friends guy or girl. That is a road you don't walk down. Unless they broke up, some time goes by and maybe you check if everybody is ok with it first.
Have I ever cheated? Yes. I was a teenager and I did cheat on my boyfriend with one of his friends. I did! As in making out, we didn't go all the way.....
I want to specify that. And I regret it TO THIS DAY, even though it's been so long ago. I was dumb. He found out, broke up with me and then we tried to make it work again. We are still friends. He, my ex boyfriend is a great guy. And yes, sometimes I do wonder about what would had came out of our relationship if that would not had happened. But we were young, he was 16 when I met him and I was like a year older.
Have I ever been cheated on? Yes. The guy I had after the boyfriend I cheated on, cheated on me. We were together for a while, I think almost three years. Or was it two?
I found out that he cheated but stayed with him. And then we moved in together, he was too immature, he thought I was going to take care of him like his Mother. And I wouldn't have any of that. I got annoyed with him and that grew into resentment. I ended up moving back home to my Mom and broke up with him. It took him years to get over me, he eventually met another girl and had two kids. We are still friends. I tend to stay friendly with my exes, why not? Unless they did something absolutely unforgivable so you can't stay friends. Like steal my Hello Kitty necklaces or something. But other than that, when you grow close to a person I'd rather still have them in my life as a friend even after you brake up. If you had a meaningful relationship where you would actually miss them as a friend. Another boyfriend I had also cheated, well he tried to at least, he did some dishonest stuff. We were together longer than we should had, the last few years we were more like best friends that a couple, that's why it dragged on. And he had some problems and I felt like I couldn't leave him because I was worried about him. But you live and learn.
Basically, even though I did it once as a teenager, don't go for your friends guy or girl. That is a big no no.
And lay off with the fake and lame Facebook posts, especially if they don't depict the truth.

That's it for now. I am going outside, the sun is shining.


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Claudia on :

CRAY-C!!! Some people just NEED 2 HEADBUTT A KNIFE!

Jungja on :

i believe men cheat so they can reilve a younger time in their life, free from stress, or responsibility, and especially when theres some younger woman who is stroking his ego and making him feel special. often times they are trying to escape something because they don't have the relationship skills to work out the problem.these men aren't happy with themselves to begin with, and won't look within to solve it, instead they justify their bad behaviors by blaming the wife for all his problems. doesn't help when theres another woman out their pulling on his heartstrings, making all kinds of promises to him.a wife can't usually win when this happens, as he will see the new woman as the best choice,and he will magnify every thing about his wife, because he thinks changing partners will end all of his problems.he is basically running away and being a coward.

Tatiana on :

In general I do not like cheaters or approve of it, most of them end up lonely and unhappy.

Tatiana on :

Throw your sharty panties in his face and at her porch!

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