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New hangout

Tatiana found a new place to hang out, an internet cafe. It is called Elysium Internet Cafe (love the name), it is open 24 hours so Tatiana can go there at 3 am and have a latte or a cherry smoothie and write blogs and watch YouTube videos. And it's only a short drive from her house.
Why would Tatiana not blog from home you are thinking now! Believe it or not, Tatiana does not have high speed internet at home, only dial up and she is rather impatient and it takes forever to do anything on her home computer. Not only that, the computer had a virus a while back and Tatiana is not very computer savvy, there's no sound and it is just annoying. All the neighbors have secure connections so there's no luck at picking up a signal.
The Elysium place is really cozy and they play good music there too, Tatiana loves it,
it reminds her of Europe.
Really Tatiana would like a laptop, something with a blue, purple or pink cover, hopefully one day soon......You can give her one, for Christmas maybe? :-)

What else? Anchorage, Alaska soon again. They NEED Tatiana there, she know it!

Oh, one more thing! A girl from Shotgun Willies in Denver is on Rock Of Love on VH1! Her name was Savannah at Shotguns, at the show her name is Daisy. It is fun to watch her, Tatiana hopes Bret Michael's picks her, they make a good couple! Check her out here.
Tatiana's plans for tomorrow night? Order in a large pizza and watch Rock Of Love.


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Elaine on :

Tatianna should buy this laptop: She can afford it :-)

And then she should barter with a computer nerd for services. Make sure someone takes a look at her computer once a month to clean it up for her and back up photos and things.

PS - I hate that VH1 show. I can't stand those things. But that's cool you know her.

Tatiana on :

Hi Elaine,
I know those shows are really really stupid in all actuality ( I get irritated when I watch them) BUT I am curious to see if "Daisy" and Bret will get together.
Thanx for laptop tip!

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