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Kind of hot and sunny. Tatiana is hiding inside for now. She was laying out earlier but got too hot and the mosquitos were being annoying.
It's been a lazy day. Tatiana is full from eating, she might even skip out on her latte run today. Maaaaybe.......Feeling too tired to move.
Tatiana got reprimanded at work last night for having been "mean" to some guys. Let me tell you, Tatiana much rather get reprimanded for being mean that being a dirty dancer. And as far as being mean goes, it is called standing up for yourself. Supposedly totally accepted anywhere else besides if you are a girl working in a strip club. Then you should just be pretend fake happy all the time. Tatiana is always being HERSELF, if you don't like that - go talk to somebody else, don't bother her. AND Tatiana is way too good looking and way too proud to allow some old (or young), crusty, mean, drunk think that he can blurt out whatever he wants just because he is spending a little bit of $. Ooooooh "big spender" keep that money baby, Tatiana got plenty, she'd rather not have it anyways if it comes from somebody like that.
If other girls don't hold themselves up to the same high standards, oh well, too bad for them, must suck to be them. If Tatiana has the energy she might write about what happened. But for now, it is nap time.


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CT (Aka Clay) on :

Sorry bout last night. Totally agree /w ya there girl. Hope you had a better day today :-)

Tatiana on :

HI Clay!
I had a really nice day today, hope you did too.
See you at work tomorrow.

Lenord Robinson on :

Being a stripper, I imagine, requires great confidence to begin with and some guys don't know how to separate the "fantasy" that you terrific gals create, from the "reality" they image in their heads. It's good dancers like you aren't afraid to remind them of what the boundaries are or there would definitely be abuse.

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