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Some more opinions from Tatiana

So like Tatiana expected......Sapphire just sucks. There are way too many girls and the club keeps on hiring new ones, that just shows how much they care. And most of the girls that are there are trying to make money in ways that are disgusting. Tatiana thinks that they belong in a brothel, why can't they just go to one, they would probably make more money there.
So basically it is just gross.
What else......they picked the new Bond girl. Tatiana thinks it is a good choice. Her name is Olga Kurylenko and she is from Ukraine and beautiful.
In the January issue of Playboy there's an interview with Tina Fey and here's part of what she was saying "when I was growing up, to have a good body you actually had to have a good body. You know what I mean? You had your shape, and whatever your God-given shape was, that was your shape. But now- and this is what these young Hollywood ladies seem to do -even if you don't have a great body, you can lose a lot of weight and get super skinny, get a fake tan and fake tits, and you are in the game.
Just get super-duper skinny. Some women are the real deal, like Jessica Alba. She has an amazing body. But for these other chicks, the closest they can get to a body like that is to remove everything that's there and add a little something on top."
Also here's Tina in a recent interview in Star magazine. "I think TV has conditioned our brains to see fake teeth and fake tans and fake lips, so when you see a normal person, you're like, "Oh, that's disappointing....."
Tatiana likes what Tina had to say and she agrees.


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kevin on :

I am never going to get a boob job.

The Sapphire is not unique in diluting the floor. Stores and dealerships always hire more salesmen than can possibly survive-- a few make commission, the rest get minimum wage, and the “house” always gets maximum profit.

Tina is a genius. Also funny.

Tatiana on :

Hi Kevin,
Yes, but at a cardealership you don't have to PAY TO WORK. We have to pay a housefee upfront and the club does not care if the girls make it back or not. Everybody thinks that you make SOOOOO much money at the stripvlubs in Vegas, not really!

Kevin on :

Paying money for the chance to loose money: Are you self-employed?

Tatiana on :

Yes Kevin, all the girls in Vegas are selfemployed. : ( That's how I feel about the clubs here, mildly put.
Can't wait to be back in AK.

marek on :

i agree with the lovely tatiana, natural is way more beautiful than fake, i think most guys agree

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