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The Walk

I am not sure how far we walked today but it was FAAAAAR. We started out at Union Square and walked down to Battery Park. We passed the new One World Trade Center that today officially became the tallest building in NY, very cool. Later we took the Staten Island ferry, which is free btw and takes you close enough to the Statue Of Liberty so you can get a good look at her. After the ferry round trip we walked Greenwich St up to High Line Park, I recommend that you visit that place.
It is an elevated narrow park that stretches for several blocks above the streets in NY - interesting. Then we made it back to Union Square. After that we had some really good pizza and my friend happily watched the hockey game that was live, she is a huge hockey fan. Then we strolled over, in the late evening, to Grand Central, that also is a beautiful place and took the subway home.
A few more weeks of walking like this and I will be in top shape. Too bad I have to leave tomorrow...... :-(

High Line Park in the background


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