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Central Park

Went by the Trump Tower to see if Donald was home.....but he was out and about. Wanted to discuss some business with And to ask him why, when he was thinking about running for the presidential nomination he was talking about that outsourcing jobs to China and other places was a bad thing yet his clothing line is made in China. Donald, shame on you - you old hypocrite! I need to shake some sense into time I am in New York!

Did some more shopping, my fave place so far is the two story Juicy Couture store on 5th Avenue. I wanted like 1/3 of everything in there.

Soooooo KAWAII!!!! I love pink and gray together - I WANT!!!!

The rest of the day was spent strolling in Central Park, that place is a blessing. So amazingly beautiful. I am in love with Central Park.
Big, lush green trees, a large lake where people row boats, how nice! Green lawns for picnics or laying down reading a book. It's the best place ever.


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