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Stuff in NY

Ok, so far I have walked A LOT, met up with my very good friend from Sweden, enjoyed some food and took care of some shopping.
Met with some photographers and other interesting people.
For example, met up a freelance photographer that is currently working on a story about North Dakota for National Geographic. His wife came across my blog (imagine that!), they were hoping that I was still in Williston so they could meet me and take some pictures, that would potentially end up in National Geographic. Hey, some girls aim for Playboy or Penthouse, I aim for the world, ok!? But I left Williston well over a month ago......But the photographer and his wife live here, in Brooklyn actually. So I got to see a brownstone from the inside for the very first time, now I want to live in a brownstone in Brooklyn too! Maybe they can adopt me? It had five fire places and a nice sized backyard with a tall tee growing in it, so lovely! We went to a nice Italian restaurant around the corner and chit chatted. There might be a story on me, if we can time everything right. That can be difficult sometimes. The future will tell.
Here is my beautiful latte I enjoyed, looked like a piece of art.

Like I said, I am walking and taking the subway everywhere, it's great exercise. How anyone can be overweight in New York is a mystery to me.

Pink Buddha. I love Buddha statues, I have many.

I love eating at Pret! When I spent some time in London I ate there almost every day. The almond croissant is to die for! Seriously. MMMM......!!!

I did do some shopping. Got my first Converse shoes, pink of course. And this purple hoodie, also Converse, I love this hoodie because it's different, not the usual zipper in the middle with a hood down the back, I have enough of those.

My breakfast.

Went to Teany. Yeay! I looove Teany! I was sooooo happy that I went there again. Last time was years ago with Julia. Back then Moby was still part owner and we were hoping to run into him there, cause Julia kind of had a crush on him. Anyways, Teany is great, I had the afternoon tea though it was 8 PM. Very yummy! And our waitress was Swedish and super cute! This is my beautiful friend Rose-Marie. ❤

Slurping down English Breakfast.

Outside Teany. A very windy and cold NY evening. A very happy me.

Everybody NEEDS a picture somewhere in the middle of Times Square.

I am myself my biggest fan. Oh, you didn't know that yet?


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