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Sick Shit

It's very comforting (sarcasm) to know that sex trafficking is thriving in this country.
Young girls and women are abducted, snatched off the streets, put up in some seedy hotel room or house and then sold to a bunch of sick and sex starved men, often by ads on the internet. Or sometimes sold for sex by their own parents. Can a girl even go to the grocery store nowadays feeling 100% safe? Or should we all carry tasers?
Who the hell would pay to have sex with a girl that obviously is drugged and beaten?
Men that call themselves gorilla pimps, because they use violence to subdue the girls/women, so random men can have their way with them, an then they collect the $.
I just want to execute everyone involved (except the victims obviously) myself with my Glock.
I might as well put that gun to good use.
I can't stand pimps. They are so disgusting. I remember when one of them tried to give me "the talk" once at Crazy Horse Too in Vegas. Something in the style of, "yo girl, how come you don't have a Rolex on that wrist? If you talk to me I will show you how you can have a few Rolexes". I gave him, a sorry excuse for a man btw, one good icy look, a smirk and told him he was definitely barking up the wrong tree and walked away. BARF! Fuck him and his Rolex.
I'd rather beg for change on the street than to be associated with scum like that.
There were actually girls working at Crazy Horse Too that had pimps, I never understood that, have some idiot take your money. But whatever. But to force somebody into prostitution?
Or having sex with girls that are trafficked? It makes me furious. Can't decide if the death penalty would be a suitable punishment, or cutting their dicks off? Probably cutting their dicks off, then they can live with that reality for the rest of their lives.


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