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Sometimes there is not enough hours in a day, therefore Tatiana thinks things should be changed so we have 30 hours in a day instead of 24.
30 hours would allow you to get so much more done, quality of life would improve.
Just least 9 hours for sleep, you sleep.....then one hour to lay around in bed to slowly wake up, stretch and think, maybe read. It is nice to wake up slowly.
Two hours for getting ready to leave the house, like shower, pick out some clothes, eat, watch tv or read, stop for a latte. Then it would be time for an eight hour work session. What does this add up to......ok, we are at 20 hours now......then we have 10 hours left to spend with family, friends, cooking, cleaning, chores, outside or at the gym, time to do something creative, your life!
See, Tatiana got it all figured out. Sure there is probably some logical (?) explanation to why there is 24 hours in a day cycle. Tatiana is not familiar with the details exactly. Just like 1 plus 1 equals 2. It's logical, or is it.......somebody a long time ago said it was so and it just is.
Tatiana remembers struggling with the "logic" of 1 times 0 being 0. She just could not, as a 7 year old, understand why this was supposed to equal 0 and not 1. But then, math was never her strong subject in school.


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