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Hair Care

I like to try all kinds of products for my hair, well different shampoos, conditioners and leave in conditioners. I have tried so many products, most of them actually.
I don't ever blow dry my hair, use a curling iron or a flat iron. Unless a stylist does my hair for a photo shoot but that does not happen often. No bleach. Nothing too harsh.
I only comb my hair with a wide tooth comb. Sometimes I neglect my hair by not combing it for a few days, I just throw it up in a bun and ignore it. Then it gets tangled pretty badly and I have to sit and carefully untangle it while promising myself to never let it get that tangled again.......(I always break that promise).
In the pic are the current hair products that I got out of my bathroom today.
L'Oreal EverCreme sulfate free intense nourishing shampoo. I really like this shampoo, very rich and creamy. I am planning on trying all the other products in the EverCreme line.
Paul Mitchell super charged moisturizer, this is a great conditioner and it smells soooooo good.
Moroccan Oil intense hydrating mask, I like all the Moroccan Oil products, quality stuff.
Infusion 23 conditioner.
Matrix conditioning balm.
Kerastase Masquintense, a nourishing treatment that I haven't tried yet.
Biosilk leave in treatment, smells very yummy and works pretty well too.
Besides switching up shampoos and conditioners, I sometimes make my own conditioning treatment by mixing together olive oil and about four or five egg yolks. Then I put it all into my hair after I shampoo it and leave this mixture in my hair, loosely wrapped in a towel for about 45 minutes. Then I rinse and follow with conditioner.
In the daytime I usually wear my hair in a bun or sometimes a braided ponytail. It is so long that it gets in my way too much when I drive etc. I sleep with it up also.
I cut my hair about twice, tops three times a year, a few inches every time. My fave hairdresser is one of my besties Angelica but she lives in Chicago now, so I don't see her that often. You want your hair to get long(er)? Don't cut it too often, leave your hair alone, that is my advice.
There is also a place in LA called George Michael of Beverly Hills Salon, that place is fantastic and they specialize in long hair and offer an amazing hair treatment. I try to go there when I have the chance. Pure luxury!

Here I have my hair in a tall unicorn looking bun, this was in Williston a few weeks ago. While waiting for the taxi......


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Anonymous on :

Since you are the world's favourite unicorn - it looks like its worth it.

Tatiana on :

Yeeeay, I am the favorite unicorn!

Kathy on :

Thanks for posting that. I am going to try some of those products and the egg yolks to see if I like them. :-)

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