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Beautiful Winter Wonderland

It was a perfect winter day today, winter wonderland! Me and Chhaya went for a long walk and enjoyed every minute of the warm,
sunny, gorgeous day. I love watching Chhaya having a good time, that makes me happy.
It is now after 7 PM and it is still light outside, so nice! I am on the couch, not doing much, being lazy.


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Sarah on :

Was your trip to Williston worth your time and the money?

Tatiana on :

For me, yes. Even though I probably paid almost double what most pay for airfare, since I came from Alaska.
But like I wrote in a recent blog, if you work at some club back home, where you make $ 800 on a slow nigh (like some lucky girls claim they do), then going to Williston would probably not be a good idea. But to find out how it would be for you - then you have to go and try it yourself! Everybody has a different eperience.

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