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We are so over Sapphire!

Tatiana has been feeling disappointed for some time now with Sapphire, the club in Las Vegas that her and Julia work at. Just to sum it up quickly she thinks that the club has been getting very raunchy and nasty, girls are basically doing anything to make money and that's not what a strip club should consist of Tatiana thinks. The club has rules that are broken constantly. All the time.
It doesn't matter if you are nice and pretty, you can be not at all good looking as long as you are willing to do the extras. Then you'll make money. They have plenty of really ugly girls working at Sapphire, to be frank, and they seem to be spending a lot if time in the VIP rooms......
The management are looking the other way since these girls often tip them out on top of the high house fees that the club already charges. Basically the managers are like pimps. It is disgusting and it really bothers Tatiana a lot. She is not going to subject herself to anything else than entertainment style lap dancing to make money.
Boob grabbing and vagine touching and flashing? Rubbing penises? NO WAY!
Not to mention all the other things that Tatiana knows goes on......
There should be a difference between a stripper/dancer and a prostitute. Right?
The option is to go to another club of course......and the girls will probably do that soon......but it seems to be the same kind of situation in all of the Vegas clubs. Julia is upset too, the club would not let her go home though she was sick, because she owed the club $ 15. After she has been working there for almost a year and been paying her house fees every time. And they are going to make a big deal over $ 15!
Tatiana thinks that it is almost embarrassing to say that she is a dancer. People seem to think it means something else.


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ben on :

I was completely turned off by the girls who latched onto our group the second we walked into both sapphire and scores. And very heavy pushing of the VIP room. Needless to say these weren't the best looking or most enjoyable girls to hang with in the club. And it seems this trend is getting worse with each visit to LV. I was fortunate that a very nice looking and pleasent person was working that night or it would not have been much fun.

Tatiana on :

That's how it is, unfortunately!
At least you got to meet ONE nice girl......!
: )

Elaine on :

You should write more about this. Make your blog an expose of the the dancing industry: the pros and cons.

Tatiana on :

Hi Elaine,
Thanks for reading!
Yes, I have been thinking about doing this.
~ Tatiana ~

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