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Happy Thanksgiving!!

It's almost Midnight and only a few more minutes until Thanksgiving.....
So Tatiana wants to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Her plans for the day will be to sleep in, maybe go and have a Thanksgiving brunch at one of the lovely Las Vegas hotels. But no turkey! Save the turkeys!
And later on in the evening she will grace the floor of Sapphire with her presence.
The only reason for working is because Sapphire is giving away two house fees that night. And since Tatiana is concerned over her recent low earnings at the club, the two house fees sounds like a good idea.
Besides that, Tatiana is thankful for a lot.....For her health, her family & friends, for her stunning good looks (ha ha), that she is not starving or being homeless or freezing,
for her dog Chhaya that she loves SO much.....
Many hugs to all!!!


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ben on :

I'm thankful we had the chance to meet, brief as it was. I'm sending positive vibes your way, hoping your earnings become as stunningly good as your stunning good looks.

Tatiana on :

Hi Ben!
I am wishing you all the best!!!
Many hugs!

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