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Whispers Williston ND

All the ladies out there, pack your bags and come here to North Dakota, Tatiana made soooooo much money tonight, she even got some diamond bracelets slipped in her g-string! Tatiana is moving to Williston and becoming a millionaire.
Tatiana knew very well that making $ 2000 or even 1000 would NOT happen. Because she just doesn't think it is possible, sure maybe once in a while there will be a night like that but Tatiana is a realist, always has been a realist. And she has stated throughout the blog that she thinks the $ 2000/night is a gross exaggeration.
The dances are $ 20 and you keep $ 15. The music starts at 5 15 PM and ends at 1 AM, you do the math, how many dances do you really think it is possible to squeeze in between going on stage, asking for dances and getting them done?
You also pay $ 50 to work, that goes up a little on the weekend. At the beginning of the night there were 7 girls but one went home.
The first thing Tatiana heard when she walked into the dressing room was "Oh, you are Tatiana! I read your blog!". A tall fit blonde called Leah that Tatiana never seen before said that. How nice! That made Tatiana happy.
But Tatiana is not complaining about the earnings tonight, she did well. She is happy with what she made. But no girl in there made $ 1000 tonight, Tatiana knows, because she could see how many dances were done, since the dances are accounted for and written down on a piece of paper.
The stage is awkward, not Tatiana cup of tea by far. One pole with floor damage around it, that should be fixed asap, so you have to be careful that you don't trip and brake your ankle or something. And then there is a large, cold and dirty floor in front of the pole that you dance on too.
The music system sucks, no dj, no wire for an iPod, you have to put in your own cd's and you are up for 15 min each set. Way too long. The cd player is away from the stage, so if you want to skip to a song on your cd, you have to run over there and mess with the cd player.
Tatiana can live with it for a week.
The staff and the other dancers were all friendly. And Tatiana is very content with her living arrangements.
It is getting late, Tatiana is in bed and tired. Goodnight!

Tired and cold.


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leah on :

hi im leah. I posted a link to my fb page. I did a review on yelp about my feelings last night and its raw but to the point. It was nice meeting you.

Tatiana on :

HI Leah, nice to meet you too! You should give me the link to what you wrote on yelp, I am curious to what you have to say!

Milan on :

How good is business at whispers? Would like further information hope to hear from u soon

Local Lurker on :

I googled the link:

Williston is a ticking time bomb regarding those two tiny clubs at the end of Main Street. The local bible thumpers attempt sieges on that block every other month during the warmer parts of the year. You girls are safe for now!

Tatiana on :

Hi Local Lurker,
Actually the first time I was here the bible people were protesting the opening of Heartbreakers.
They were also "worried' that some girls were being held as slaves.....
I wanted to tell them to pray for me making lots of money and leave with my sanity intact.

Claudia on :

Hellow, Hi, SEXY!!!

Casey on :

hi there . Ive been trying for mos just to find someone to talk to about working there. I really need a jumpstart n my,life and know it could happen there if just given the chance any suggestions? I would appreciate it. Thanks

Tatiana on :

I will e mail you with some info soon.

Daryll Ann on :

Hi Hun I have friends up there workin oil rigs. Well I've been dancing for a few years now. I got an email address to send my portfolio and resume is that correct or did they get it wrong? Any info you can give I would greatly appreciate. I live in Oklahoma divorced and two kids I need to make that money. Hope to hear from you soon

Jitterbeans Johnny on :

Casey, U already got it going on bab, just keep doing what U R doing. I can already see what U bring. U have an Electrifing personality, & are so easy to talk to. I see the other girls looking to U for guidance and leadership, they look up to U because of your leadership Abilitys & skills. Your extremely attractive, poised, & witty. I was drawn to you the first time we met. U have a great smile, nice Butt and I love those heals u where, stay warm baby, Love Ya, JBJ

Kate on :

Im so intruiged! great writing.
Im in Vegas, and Im DYING to see what this place is all about.
2 weeks tops...
Can you please hook me up with some info how I can get myself a small stint in there, just for the experience of ACTUALLY doing it in North Dakota... Im a Jersey Girl... But been out here in Vegas for a while!
Great read girl

Tatiana on :

I sent you an email.

Seasoned Vet on :

The phone number for this place no longer works. Actually it's the same number for both of places and I know that's not right. Did something happen up there? Is there an e-mail address? Great writing. I hope you enjoyed your stint.

Courtney on :

A couple stripper friends & I are thinking about coming out there. After so much hype about Whispers new found business we want to come check it out for ourselves. We all dance in Vegas, where even on our bad nights we can pull $500-$1000. Is it worth the time away from our normal routine, plane tickets, hotel and rental car??

Tatiana on :

I don't like advising people of what they should do......but if you and your friends make $ 500 - 1000 on your slow nights (congratulations to that btw) you might as well stay in Vegas. But if you are curious then go check it out. Who cares about a meager $ 700 round trip plane ticket and some small hotel room costs when you can just make that back in a slow night at the club in Vegas?

Ted Bryant on :

Tatiana Hi my name is Ted. I ran across this & was dying for some help my girlfriend is wt work so I thought I'd go ahead & ask. Could you please let me know how it is up there? We're in NYC & was thinking of coming up there. Please let me know :-)

Tatiana on :

Ted, I sent you an email.

Gemma on :

Hey love,

I know I'm a bit late on this, but i JUST found out about this whole oilboom thing out in williston, NC and about how the strippers out there are making bank supposedly.. And now I'm really considering making a trip out there to work for probably a week my first trip... So i wanted ask and get input from someone that has actually worked or there for real and get more details about the club and accommodation.. Where you'd recommend to stay during the trip... Since i read somewhere online about ail the hotels/motels being completely booked and even if you're lucky to get a room that the second the hotel finds out that you're a dancer/stripper that they will kick you out..... True out false? Lol.. Also, was it difficult to get hired there? I ask because i would think it would be and that there is a waiting list since I'm sure a ton of girls are trying to do the same exact thing.. Or has it calmed down alot by now? Please respond via comment
or email and let me know as soon as possible, thanks! :-)

Willkey on :

I own a apartment building in fairview. Nice area about 30 mins away from Williston. We charge 80 a nite or 1500 a month. This is about half what you would pay anywhere else. No credit check, no app, no hassles and we don't care where you work or what you do for a living. I am married to a stripper. Love em all. Email if interested or if we can help.

Tatiana on :

Thank You for that! Very good to know - I will pass that on when girls aks me about where to stay.

re re on :

Hi I haven't been a dancer for some time now but willing to come out of retirement if things are still booming for dancers in Williston. Can some one send me an update. Thanks

Kristin "Kitty" Chester on :

Thanks for the info! I too am interested in working in Williston at either club and if you have any pointers or information on how to get on that hyped-up waiting list I would really appreciate it! I live in Chicago and have worked all over the US, including Guam (never North Dakota though lol!), I'm very pretty and never concerned about getting hired based on looks or pole tricks or too many tattoos.

Also, I clicked on the most recent post for "Willkey" to inquire about renting an apartment however the link alerted me of a possible "phishing" scam, so any other ideas where I can stay while working here and the bible thumpers wont throw my things out when they find out I'm dancing are appreciated!


Texas Girl on :

I work in Texas right now and I have been wanting try this place. Here I make during the week at least $600 weekends I leave with no less than $1000. Are there any peak times there? Do you need to get licensed? I am thinking of going up for at least 4 days.

Josh on :

Kinda have some insight for you hopefuls out there. I can speak for whispers in saying that business is picking up each day it gets colder. Not as many people want to be outside in the cold when its warmer and the scenery is much nicer inside. If you want to try to get booked, email a RECENT face pic and body pic along with your contact info to The club actually offers housing if you don't want to spend almost $800-$900 for the week. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at the above email address and I will help any way I can. Hope this helps any and all who may be interested.
Whispers DJ (yes they have one now lol).

Babylon on :

DJ Josh!

Email me, I'm dancing in Hawaii now.
I want the inside scoops:)

Maud on :

Hi Tatiana,
I'm a french woman photograher. I'm doing a report about women in Williston. I'm planning to be in Williston at the end of November. Can we meet? I would be honored to achieve a portrait of you. I do thank you for your attention. I stay at your entire disposal for any informations.

Tatiana on :

Hello Maud - I e mailed you. - Tatiana.

Linda on :

I would like to speak with you directly about a project I am developing. Can you email me and I will share my contact info.

Lesya Gawryluk on :

Hi Tatiana,

My name is lesya, I think I have posted on this site before. I tried contacting whispers and heartbreakers and have not got a reply. Are you still working at whispers? I really need a job. I am a freelance print model and havent got the opportunity to get any paid assignments yet. You gave me a couple emails before and I contacted Robert but he is no longer in Williston. Is there anyway I can get ahold of the managers? I would really like to dance. feel free to take a look at some of my work on

Native beauty on :

I'm 29 single female I live in Glendive montana and if the money is decent I would love to dance a few nights a week. I'm new to the lifestyle but am a fast Learner n love putting on a good show

JD on :

Whispers is over hyped.. It's an average small town club.. I was just there tonight and the women are average and the guys not spending like Vegas.. Suggest u stay in Vegas or Dallas or Atlanta..

Tatiana on :

Well, I worked there about a year ago, you can see that if you look when the blog is dated.....and I think that Vegas is over hyped too. I used to work there.

Ella on :

Do you know if they take Australian or English dancers? Would they turn a blind eye to visa requirements or help us get a visa? Really interesting post. Thanks. Ps how many girls are on a night vs the amount of guys through the door? Thank you ;0)

Tatiana on :

Girl.......that is an OLD blog that I wrote.....I have not worked at Whispers for over a year. BUT I can tell you this, I do not think they would turn "a blind eye" to VISA req or have time to or bother to help random girls coming through to get a VISA. There are enough girls to choose from already with the proper paperwork. I do not know how many girls work there on average anymore, I HEARD between 9-15, it is a small place. NOT a Vegas style club. As far as anyone coming all the way from the UK or Australia only to work in Williston......I don't think that would a smart move but that's me - maybe it would work for somebody else. And to get the exact details I suggest that you contact the club directly.
Tatiana (the one that writes this

Erika on :

Im really curious how I go about scheduling @whispers . I called no answer and looking all over the Internet for hours of operations .Can someone help me ?

Julia Lorenti on :

Tanechka, moya podruga dolgoe vremya rabotala v Whispers i ochen' rekomendovala. Ya tolko pereehala iz NY vo Floridy i uzhe kupila bilet v Williston. Podruga dala mne Steve's(?) email, no on neverniy. Pozhaluista, podskazhi, ostalsya li u tebya ih email? I recognize that this is an old post, but I really hope you can help! Thank you


trying to be helpfull on :

I have a couple friends that want to venture towards Williston looking for a week or so of work at a strip club. One of the Ladies is in her 40's. Is it hard to get in There? or can you tell me how they can try to find work before they actually travel that far? Thank You

Krystal on :

Hi I'm from dallas but just heard about this boomtown in North Dakota, me and a friend want to go cuz we heard on a slow night the girls are making 1,500 and usually 2,000-3,000 a night, is this true at all? Also is it dangerous for women to be in North Dakota?

Gitte on :

We are the national television station in Denmark and looking to produce a story on the economic boom in Williston as a result of the oil boom, and thought it could be really interesting to interview you. Please email me back. thanks, Gitte (female)

Tatiana on :

Hej Gitte, sent you an email.

Sasha Foxx on :

I've always wanted to go to Williston and am wondering if you can email me and give me some pointers and inside tips on what I should be looking forward to? I'm a mixed race exotic female.. Intermediate pole skills and a little shy but once I'm comfortable I'm tons of fun! Thanks for the blog!

veronika on :

Hi. Im woman i going to north dakota. Are you in north dakota now or no. If no , we can go both. What do u say me.

clara on :

I want be stripper:)
Please more information to my email address
thank you !

carman on :

what ages do they Hire, all are different places.. do they have a cut off there.. just curious how that works,


kg67 on :

My daughter is coming up there to work. She's already been up there and likes it. However, I'm concerned as a mom for her safety. Is it safe for girls up there in Williston? Working at Whispers?
Please be totally honest with me. I'm extremely proud of my girl no matter what she wants to do for work, I just need to know she'll be safe. She's also a newly certified welder, so I'm sure she'll be checking that out as well. But Whispers is where she is going to for work.

Tatiana on :

To the worried Mom.....I sent you an email.

~ Tatiana ~

Kenya on :

Hey swithat,how is hawaai? Do strippers get good cash?and if so how can u help me get their? Thanks xoxo

irma on :

Hi, I would like to know how good the money is at whispers now? When is a better season to make the trip.

kay on :

Hi iii I would like info on apartments to move into that one comment said 1500 a month I want info plus Thank you:)

Jitterbeans Johnny on :

What is fargosisters?

Pony on :

Hi Tatiana.. I know you haven't worked there in years, but you may know girls still working @ Whispers... How is the money now? 2016... Oil prices dropping..?
Thank you!!!! Bless

Tatiana on :

I have talked to girls that were there last year.....seems almost like a gamble. You either try or not.
My friend went a few months ago and worked at Heartbreaker, said it was OK but I can't give you any actual numbers.
She would go in late, 9 pm or later and the club closes kind of early so she liked the short hours and said it was rather easy to get dances. And there are more options where to stay now. So that helps.
But yeah, oil prices tanked. That has affected Williston and other oil boom towns for sure.
That is all I know, sorry......

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