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Tatiana is going to Alaska!

After thinking about going to Anchorage, Alaska for some time now Tatiana actually decided to do something about it. So she booked a plane ticket and will be arriving in Anchorage on December 3 to stay for about two weeks. She will be working at the famous Alaskan Bush Company.
She is planning to work as much as possible but will save a few days to do some sightseeing as she understands that Alaska is a spectacular place with many beautiful things to see. Yes, she will bring her camera.
Tatiana is feeling really excited and happy over this trip and she is looking forward to enjoying great times in Anchorage as well as meeting really good people and making new friends.
This trip is going to be another great adventure! Stay tuned for updates......


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ben on :

Sound adventerous! Hope you have a fun & rewarding time. If you need any local info, my friend Louis, who you met, has spent some time there. Bring snow shoes!


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