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The Golden Banana

Tatiana found out a while ago that a new club had opened in Las Vegas. The Golden Banana. She has been wanting to go there and she thought tonight would be her golden opportunity to go! But.........she found out that there would be a hair raising $ 50 cover charge for ladies! Tatiana is not cheap but she is not going to shell out that much to see some penises..... Yes, The Golden Banana is a club where boys take it all off - mostly for other boys/men, that's why it is so much for ladies to get in. Tatiana would rather bring that $ 50 into the club so she could tip the boys while they are gyrating on the stage. And she knows plenty of boys that would love to show her their privates for free! So instead she spent all night with her friends Mikey and Matty - for free! It ended up being a great evening......


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