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Stop all wars!

Tatiana thinks that war is no good. In this day of age, we as the so called intelligent and civilized human race, should be able to find more diplomatic and reasonable ways of solving conflict than killing each other. Tatiana is a neo hippie and wants there to be peace and understanding on Earth.
Of course you can't like everybody, Tatiana certainly doesn't but you don't need to kill and destroy. War is just destructive, bringing nothing but negativity. Stop all wars,
bring home the soldiers from wherever they are. Educate people.
Encourage understanding, communication and togetherness. This is such a vast subject and Tatiana is at loss for words.........
But you get the idea. PLUR and Peace!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the way, Tatiana just realized that this is blog number 100! Keep on reading this awesome blog! It makes you happy! It enlightens you! It makes you laugh! YES!!!


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