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Tatiana goes to Monster Massive

Last night it was time for MONSTER MASSIVE, a yearly rave that Tatiana has been to more times than she can remember. But she does remember one thing, it is great, always! This year it was the 10th anniversary and so many people showed up.
Tatiana dressed very cute in blue striped Victoria's Secret pants and a snug Hello Kitty top, adorned herself with many rings and bracelets.
Julia was there too, somewhere in the crowd, dressed just like Tatiana but they couldn't find each other all night. Tatiana strolled around, people watched, talked to a bunch of funny people, took a picture with a guy dressed like Borat in a neon green one piece bathing suit. Very nice!
Then she planted herself on the dance floor and did what she came there for, danced! House music all night long!!!


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