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I am safely back in Kenai.......barely SOOOO much pain that I already took three Vicodin from my party stash. LOL. Just kidding.....
So let me tell all of you curious little monkeys about my Green Peel experience (so far).
At this moment, if you would ask me if I would do it again, I'd probably say NO. But ask me again in a week or two, hopefully the answer will be different.
So I went to where I always go for skincare in Anchorage, Anastassia's. First Anastassia washed my face and did some light extractions. Most of us have a few clogged pores, totally normal. But if you walk around with really noticeable blackheads, I advice you to squeeze them out. Really. Take my advice on that.
Then she applied the peel and started to massage it into my face. She told me that she would rub my face with the peel (circular motion) for about ten minutes and that the last two or three minutes would be quite painful. It started out feeling pleasant. The last two minutes were not really painful but very uncomfortable. It felt like having harsh sand rubbed hard in your face. My face started getting hot, it felt like a really, really bad sunburn. Anastassia also applied some to the neck and rubbed it a few times (maybe not a good idea but I'll return to that later). Then she had me lay with the Green Peel on my face (it has nutrients in it, all organic herbs smells grassy and nature-y kind of) with moisturizer infused layers of thin cloth on top for 25 minutes. At this point my face was pulsating and feeling warm. After that relaxing little repose it was time to wash of the gunk. Not that pleasant. The lukewarm water felt ice cold on my raw face, stinging my skin. I just wanted it to be over with. Then Anastassia covered my face with two kinds of lotions that I got to bring home with me.
Special instructions for the aftercare are as follows. No washing face with water for at least five days. Preferably no water until next Tuesday when I am going back for a moisturizing, nice facial. I have to clean my face with a special toner twice a day and then apply the two lotions after the toner and throughout the day.
The lotions combined on the skin look like a way too brown foundation. Reminds me of when I was 13 and 14 and caked my face and neck in a really dark brown powder every morning before school. It looked ridiculous but I thought I looked hot. My Mom begged me not to put that powder on, but who listens to their Mom at that age? I was the coolest and knew how to do MY make up. LOL. One morning one of my male classmates yelled that it looked like a cow had taken a crap on my face, sadly he was right. Anyways, I outgrew that faze. Now, no foundation and minimal use of powder.
But back to my Green Peel story. Cool wind on the face feels nice. Fanning it too. It is not burning anymore but feels kind of stiff. Mummy skin.
Upon coming home, I cleansed with the toner, took all the dark brown lotion mix off and TO MY HORROR, my neck has deep lines on it that I have never seen before. Not one or two......MANY. WTF!!!???? I am NOT at all happy with this. My neck was basically line free when I left home this morning at 7 am. Yes, I got up at 6 15 am to subject myself to this Green Peel. I do not want a wrinkly neck because of it, not nice at all. So tomorrow I am contacting Anastassia to see what she has to say. Hopefully it is normal and will go away. But those lines look really bad. She did mention that she only massages the peel lightly onto the neck, since the skin on the neck is different than the skin on the face. At this point I think the neck should had been avoided. The skin on my face looks slightly red. In a few days I will start peeling.
Like a snake.
Supposedly (according to Anastassia) the Green Peel is the best kind of peel that you can do for your skin, it has many benefits (I am too tired to rattle them off now in my sleep deprived state). If you have thin skin or severe hyperpigmentation you should avoid having the Green Peel.
Why did I do it? I have been thinking about it for a few years actually and I wanted to do something "nice" for my skin. Not that I had a bunch of wrinkles and acne to try to get rid of.
I don't think the Green Peel takes away deep wrinkles, maybe some small ones. It refreshes the skin and improves it. According to Anastassia, the results will be amazing. She liked how my skin looked after we washed the peel off. I just though it looked red and felt throbbing.
But enough about this peel now. I will report on the case you want to try a peel for yourself.......

Right before the "torture" started, relaxing on a heated table.....mmmmmm.....

I look like a burn victim at the ER. YOU NEED???!!!


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Claudia on :

Sounds great...I think looking like a burn victim would be super!!! Keep me posted on your recovery!! XOXOO

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