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Thoughts about the gym......

The gym can be a funny place. It's like observing a waterhole in the Serengeti. Because that is what I do - observe.
Some men are all puffed up, working on their arm muscles, wearing tank tops. They are like birds displaying their bright colors and strutting around
in order to attract the females so they can mate. Give me that VAGINE!!!!
The can be too much. Like a humpback whale does to get the attention of a female humpback.
I am not a fan of the grunting, total turn off. Sure, if you REALLY have too, a grunt can slip out when you lift something heavy.
But sometimes it just seems staged. It's not a MMA fight, it's the gym.
And the ladies......oh the ladies......
Some of them are very fond of displaying their assets, both the front ones and the back one.
I sometimes get a little embarrassed on their behalf, because it is so obvious and kind of pathetic.
Yes, you have boobs (I do too). But do they really need to be stuffed in a barely there sports bra and nothing else? Are you that warm from your workout?
Or showing off their asses in some skin tight shorts. On the butt machine, ass in the air. Like a female baboon presenting her swollen rump to a male.
Me? I want as little attention as possible. No make up ever. Why? I am not trying to find a man at the gym. And covered, because I am not running a 10 K.
I am just doing 30 minutes at the most on the elliptical and some weights maybe, in an air conditioned room.
Whether people look at me or not, I don't care, I'd rather they don't look at me. But that's just me. We are all different........
My advice to the ladies is......don't try too hard for attention at the gym, it just looks sad. Any intelligent man realizes this.....eeeh...perhaps....
unless the assets are too distracting. Men......!


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