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Remember that I got pulled over back in December and the cop decided that he could smell alcohol on me and had me step out of my car,
so he could make sure I was indeed sober by making me "perform" some lame sobriety test. My first ever.
OF COURSE he was wrong, I got back in my car and continued driving.
Well........since then, I have been pulled over two more times, last night actually. And the last two times from a twerp cop that comes into my place
of work in his uniform like some kind of a nazi, looking around, trying to appear important.
First of all, Mr Cop, you are looking in the WRONG place, the club is a public place. Most people behave in public places.
What you should be looking for is the stuff people do behind closed doors.....molest children, beat their significant other, abuse animals,
good stuff like that.
Anyways. This guy keeps on pulling me over for some bullshit invented "vehicle infraction". And he speaks to me in a very disrespectful demeanor.
Actually, the first time he pulled me over, about two weeks ago, the first thing he said was "you work at Charlie's right?" after he had followed me
for like two miles or more. I still have my Nevada licence which I intend to keep since I travel and go to Vegas frequently, I also own a house there.
This he has a prolem with too (the NV license). His partner that was with the twerp two weeks ago, even asked me what I do in Vegas. Really?!
What kind of a question is that? Yes, I am a crack whore in Vegas and I cook meth in my house too. Of course! Duh.......
Last night the twerp was as charming as usual. I suspect he is either a misogynyst or that he dislikes me in general because I work
at Charlie's. It would not at all surprise me if he is single, spending his free time feverishly whacking off to porn, or if in a relationship that his
gf/wife is less than attractive in his eyes. Don't take your frustrations out on me! I would never date you anyways.
I don't speed, my car is insured and registered, and I don't drive under the influence of anything. What else do you want from me twerp?
He has a probblem with me and now I have a problem with him. I did mention to him that I have never been pulled over this much before.
And since he speaks so rudely to me I sound off just as nicely to him, with a touch of sarcasm.
Having a badge doesn't make you a better person buddy.
I know his name and I know what station he is with. I have not made up my mind yet, but I might go and talk to his supervisor about
him. I am not comfortable with him pulling me over anymore. I though that police are supposed to "protect and serve".
I do not feel protected whatsoever with his angry, probaly trigger happy ass pulling me over, neither do I feel like it is serving any purpose.
What a psycho! Now I am starting to understand why so many people dislike cops. Fucking annoying.

Besides that....beautiful day out, I am doing great, looking fantastic. Off to the gym now.

Here's to all the asses out there.....


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K. on :

Careful, you might be less than tactful if you go to his boss. Maybe first let one of your friends with Lisbethian skills look into the matter.

Tatiana on :

I have Lisbethian skills....sometimes. And I can be quite tactful and diplomatic when I have to. Some of my many know.....

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