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The daily report from Tatiana

Hi all my fans!
Here is a pic of me last night, getting drunk on coffee. Trying to look cute at the same time......There should be a latte machine at work!

Today I had a rather uneventful but busy day. Ran errands in the early afternoon, like paid my phone bill, went to the grocery store, the bank,
the post office to send off my Mom's birthday gift, got the mail from my PO BOX, got a coffee from Kaladi and some apple fritters
from The Moose Is Loose. Helped somebody stuck in a snowbank to get out. Went over to the pet food store to order a bag of dry food for Chhaya.
She gets Sundancer by Solid Gold btw. And other food too of course.
After all of that, I did a load of laundry and took Chhaya out for a walk.
The sun was nowhere to be seen today. Totally gray out. Chhaya had on her poncho. Super cute.
So far I had a good day and I feel very happy for no apparent reason. Life I suppose.

Now it is time for some rest and a little bit of reading.


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