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Sunny Day

Another sunny day here in Kenai, Alaska. Even though it supposedly warmed did a little, the temperature says 11 degrees.....
I still think it feels too cold.
Took Chhaya for a walk in the sunshine, got cold, tomorrow I am planning on taking her for a longer walk but I have to bundle up better.
Chhaya wears little boots on her feet.
Finished new thing is yogurt with lots of granola.....I get stuck on eating the same thing over and over again for weeks, right
now it's Brown Cow should try it, very yummy.
Last night I was looking up tickets to that place I am going to next month for work. Not telling whereto yet.......keep on reading..... :-)
Flying from Alaska, especially if you have to fly into Anchorage first becomes very pricey.
The ticket, unless I can find a better deal will cost around $ 1300 plus bag fees. I am only going to bring one checked bag.
I have to cram everything I need in it, basically outfits for work, two pairs of rhinestone heels and a few clothing changes for
during the day, my Hello Kitty makeup bag, some toiletries and keep it under 50 lbs.
Basically my schedule will be work, sleep, eat, shower/shave/wash hair/get ready for work. That's it, for two weeks.
But last night I felt so discouraged, thinking about what my living expenses will add up to also.....probably something around $ 900. Plus food.
I kind of don't want to go anymore, it feels like a big hassle. But this is the chance you take going somewhere like this.
You invest a lot of time and money with no guarantee of the outcome. It could end up to be a disappointment.
But it has always worked out for me in the past and I hate the idea of giving up on something just because I feel momentarily
discouraged. But like I said, right now I am far from thrilled to leave my comforts and my Chhaya for two weeks of, what I view as now, hassle.
But in the end, I will most likely be happy that I went and it will be another experience and maybe something fun to blog about.
Besides that, I got myself a one week free gym pass, so I might go to the gym this afternoon for some cardio.
Next week I am going Anchorage to have the Green Peel done on my face. That includes some redness and peeling,
most likely I will stay at home until most of the effects from the peel are gone.
Tonight? Work.


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