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At home

Spending the evening at home with Chhaya.
And you all know what I do when I spend too much time at home and when it starts getting late and I start getting bored. Time for a blog!
Thinking about how sometimes you get the wrong impression of a person before you get to know them.
And after spending some time with them and the ice breaks a little and you get to know them, you totally change your opinion and
actually start to like them.
Or you get to know somebody and after scratching the surface a little you decide that you do not like them after all, for various reasons.
Maybe a weird example but Sophia Vergara used to bug me so much every time I saw her on tv. Of course I don't know her personally but her personality
and over the top fiery, temperamental latin woman cliché just bothered me. I thought she tried too hard, appeared too fake and made too large, too animated
facial expressions and she reminded me of a babajaga (google, if you want to know what it means).
But now, she has grown on me - animated fiery persona and all. I kind of like her, for now. And I did not say that she is unattractive physically, she
reminds me of a wolfish Jessica Rabbit sexpot. With a touch of babajaga.

What else do I do when I am bored at home? Clean. I am thinking about mopping the floors in the kitchen and the bathroom now.
And call my Mom after that. Then sleep maybe. Work tomorrow night - probably. I feel too antsy to sit at home.
Oooops, TMZ and my Harvey is on, gotta go!


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