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Give me my potatoes!

Tatiana and Julia really like food. Sometimes they obsess over it. Like last time when they worked at Shotgun Willies, they got into the habit of having a baked potato every night with the sour creme and the cheese. If Julia didn't get her potato she would be really irritated and couldn't muster up motivation for work. Julia is not da nang when she is cranky.
Right now Julia is ordering jalapeno poppers almost every time she works at Sapphire. Though at one point she swore she would never eat them again. Not too long ago when the girls were in California, Julia had some and they were driving on the freeway when Julia started getting really sweaty. She made Tatiana pull over FAST and barged into a gas station bathroom where she exploded. It was the jalapeno! Very funny!
Tatiana loves potatoes too. And garlic. And they both love pierogies. Not to mention Greek salad. Also Tatiana sometimes gets cravings for sauerkraut straight out of the jar. Pizza is always nice. Iced vanilla lattes, yum.
Right now Tatiana loves an ice cream she found at Whole Foods, it is called Sheer Bliss, that's exactly how she feels when she eats it. Her favorite flavor is pomegranate.
Next time you are in Vegas you should take the girls out for some food!
They need!


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Daniel on :

Some time when you dance at Shotgun Willies; I know some good places to eat in the area. Hope to see you and feed you.

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