Welcome to Chaos !!


FOUR more days in this hell hole. I am counting down the hours in the club.....28 starting tonight. I am never coming back here....I'm not saying that I won't ever dance in South Dakota again but not here in Winner (I hope). I have heard of a club in another town in South Dakota where it's supposedly strict and the rules are followed, I wouldn't mind trying that one. But a place like Holiday House where girls basically do whatever to make a buck.....there is no place for me at a club like that. I am pretty sure I overheard a guy ask his friend for some extra money the other night....he needed to pay for his "lap dances", that if I heard it right, included a bj. Little does he know, or maybe he knows but just had a set of beer goggles on....or just wanted a bj really bad (pathetic man) that the lady that provided this service for him has a missing front tooth. I don't know if she puts in a fake tooth in her mouth or not but she looks like hell. I saw her in the dressing room and she had a dark gap in her mouth in the front.
Are people even aware or care about such fun little things like herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea and HPV? You can transmit and catch all of those by genital to mouth contact. Here is a kind word of advice for all you horny men out there that lose all common sense when intoxicated and around scantily dressed women, go to a legal brothel if you really need such services.
At least at the brothel you will be more protected from STDs. And the dancers that stick to the rules (like me) do not have to be subjected to being around it. Because trust me, I do not want to see it and I do not want to hear about it and I do not want to be asked if I do any of those things. GROSS.
The lap dances are totally unsupervised and are done on couches and armchairs, there is a flimsy dark kind of see through curtain that separates the lap dance area from the club. The bj thing does not surprise me at all, this place is filthy and trashy and most of the girls are beyond trashy. You can call me stuck up or whatever you want but I just tell it like it is. Some blonde little thing has been getting so drunk every night she has been working, management doesn't even care. She was standing on the main floor last night, making out with some old man, tongue and all. Absolutely repulsive. Her dances must be really FUN! All drunk, sloppy and you can probably do what you want to her, she is too drunk to know the difference.
Also this club is supposed to be topless only. But girls flash their VAGINES left and right when approaching guys or light their privates on fire. Borat style show. Even in clubs where you go nude on stage, for example the Bush Company in Anchorage, you NEVER flash you VAGINE when walking around on the floor, unacceptable. It would never be allowed, you would get called into the office and sent home. I like that. Guess what, I worked there for over two years, never once did I get sent home.
I woke up this morning to the hood rats loud cackling hyena laugh. With people like her populating this country I am not surprised that it is going to shits. Not an ounce of intelligence and manners. I got up and dressed and escaped to the solitude of McDonald's.

Here is a little mention of the bird count that I saw on the front page of some local paper.

Club rules. Somebody should make sure they are being followed (especially number 6) since we all had to sign this paper, consenting to the rules. Oh, the irony!

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  1. Paul on :

    Felt bad for you reading this and the last few posts, hang in there T.
  2. TATIANA Post author on :

    Oh absolutely...only a few more days left....
  3. Joe Black on :

    Uhh horrible. Get out there!

    " ...and escaped to the solitude of McDonald's."

    You have to look up that this isn't a slightly higher level trap too!
  4. TATIANA Post author on :

    I prefer a coffee at McDonald's and writing my blog....than spending my day cooped up in a trailer with loud hood rats and insects....I don't have too many choices here....

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