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National Coffee Day

Yesterday was National Coffee Day and I got a free latte (with oat milk of course) from the coffee shop I go to.
And I had a free coffee today as well at the place I volunteer at most Thursdays.
I have been looking at espresso machines because I would like my own machine sitting on the kitchen counter so I can make my own daily latte.
I have never been more busy in my life and I am tired. Currently I work at two different clubs dancing and I have a day job with weekly meetings and sometimes weekly classes.
I volunteer most Thursdays and most Sundays. I feel like I have no time to sleep or get anything done. I am sure people with kids feel the same way. And I don't have any kids but I feel way too busy.
Sometimes I am entertaining the thought of walking away from it all. Like what am I doing?
I like volunteering and dancing is still fun for the most part. But the other day time job has been......disappointing. In between the personal satisfaction of learning A LOT and managing difficult tasks quite well (I am impressed with myself) there has been some fun aspects of it but in general it has been a negative journey. I don't know if it is the right thing for me. But I will keep up with it for a bit more. So I know for myself (nobody else) that I at least tried and put in an honest effort.


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