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Joshua Tree And Tunic

I still have some more pictures from my shoot with Cindy, so I am going to put them up but not all at once so you don't get a "pictures of Tatiana overload" and want to barf all over the screen because you are so over it. I hope I get to shoot with Cindy again, it's fun and I like the results. And you might wonder......"Why does she take pictures" or "Who does she think she is...... like.....a model or something?" I take pictures because I LOVE photography and I enjoy being in front of the camera, you know some people take selfies and share them (I do too) and I am lucky enough to have talented photographers like Cindy and others that are willing to take pictures of me for free. It's an exchange, my time for their time. I have liked photography for a long time, since early teen years. Do I think I am a model? No. I am just an ordinary girl that likes to take pictures. It makes for a nice memory, time goes by fast and a picture capture that moment forever.
Me and the Joshua tree......

In a new tunic that I love but I didn't realize my leggings would show through underneath it (so pardon that blunder).

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Barbie Shirt

Last year I found this Barbie shirt hidden on a sales rack at Dillards, thought it was cute and got it thinking I could wear it at Burning Man or as a fun shirt for a photo shoot. So I brought it with me when me and Cindy shot last month. It was freezing (I was shivering when we took these pics) and very windy that January day. I only wish I would had brought bubble gum so I could blow a big pink bubble just like Barbie does in a few of the pics but I forgot, although it was kind of like something I had planned. Oh well - next time! I think these Barbie shirt pics are very KAWAII!

I don't like my face here but I like the wall extending behind me. So I am adding it anyways.......

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Game Day

It's a big day here in the US today, game day......Super Bowl Sunday. Super Bowl 50 on top of that, so it is special but that's as far as my knowledge and interest goes regarding this game and sports in general. I am not a sports watching fan, it does not interest me. I watch the Olympics sometimes and that's about it but to actually watch or attend a game whether it's football, hockey or thanks. I'd rather take a nap, eat, go for a walk with Chhaya or read a book.
Anyhow. Last night I had a headache and my eyes were hurting, I did not even put in my contacts. Feeling better today, I really need to start drinking more water. Speaking of walks, I had my morning cup of coffee and me and Chhaya are going on a long walk today. And I will force myself to drink one large glass of water. Better than nothing.
Cindy sent me all the pictures from our shoot last month the other day, so I am going to put them up a few at a time.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Shoot With Cindy

I had an all day shoot and combined sightseeing trip with Cindy a few weeks ago. She took me out to Nelson here in Nevada, my first visits to the famous ghost town. A super cool place with soooooo much to see. Well, Cindy sent me a few of the images...... here they are.
Thank You Cindy!

I was FREEZING when we took this pic...... although it looks like I am fully enjoying the warm sun.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

More Red Rock Shoot

Here are some more photos from my shoot last month at Red Rock with Cindy.

And Cindy e mailed me these nice words after the shoot, "It was so great meeting you and working with you yesterday out at Red Rock. I am so very pleased with our images! It is going to be so hard to narrow them down because there are so many amazing shots we got! You are so photogenic and are so fun and easy to work with. I also really enjoyed talking with you and hearing about your interesting life and I like that you have such great interests in Burning Man and nature, etc. You are so great to work with and I love your style!"
It's like getting a nice Yelp review! :-D
I hope to shoot with Cindy again, I rarely take pics with a woman photographer but this was a good experience, she is super cool and knows what she is doing.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Red Rock Shoot

Here are some of the photos from my Red Rock shoot that I did last month with Cindy.
More will come tomorrow. I don't want to bore you with too many pics of myself at once.
I loved shooting with Cindy, we got along great. After looking at the pics I think I need to change my lipstick to some other color when doing photo shoots, that pink glossy stuff might look OK at work but not in these pics. And I don't know why the second pic is huge....I tried making it smaller but it didn't work. Oh well.

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.

Looking Through Pics

I am laying on my luxurious air mattress looking through old pics of myself. It's really windy in Vegas on this chilly late evening. I have been thinking about ice cream for several hours now.....cravings! Sunday is usually my ice cream and pizza day (although that can be any day, especially for ice cream), I had pizza today but not the ice cream. Maybe I will get out in the cold and get some but I kind of crave chips too. KNPR on the radio for several hours now, I love KNPR - great content and great company. When people ask me what I listen to I tell them that I hear so much music at work that I prefer talk radio on my free time and good beats when I go out dancing. you now. I have to get up early in the morning and do stuff. UGH.....I HATE having to wake up early!
Here are two pics from 2008.

Photographer Wolf189

Getting Colder

It is rapidly getting colder here.....and while I am writing this I got this comment come through, "When it is dark - I just remember that nothing we have ever found burns as bright as SuperNova." sweet! ❤ I hope that my writings/ramblings/opinions/attempts to be funny and pictures can somehow brighten up someones day if they need it or just a way to pass the time on a regular day. Regardless of what it is.....Thank You for reading and Thank You to the ones that bother to leave a comment. Is is much appreciated by me.....!
Here are the pictures Jim took of me and Chhaya yesterday. We went to Captain Cook State Park. I had a vision of me taking some fabulous pictures in my hip waders out in the water on Stormy Lake but no that did not work out. It was too dark and windy.

So we moved up on land. The leaves are changing colors and colder winds are coming in, leaves are starting to fall off the trees and I think it's safe to say that Fall has arrived in Alaska.

Fireweed Field

There is a huge field in Sterling full of fireweed flowers. I've been wanting to take some pictures there before the fireweed is gone for the I asked my friend Jim if he could help me out by being the photographer. So we went out there this evening.
The fireweed petals were already gone, so soon so fast! I was just here a week or so ago!
But the beautiful pinkish color was still around and that's what I wanted. They say that when the fireweed blooms out winter is just around the corner. So Carpe Diem! This summer is probably the most beautiful I have experienced since I've been in Alaska, so many sunny days. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the long days but they are getting shorter and shorter fast.
Here are some of the pics from the fireweed field.

Thank You to my friend Jim for the photography.

Throwback Thursday

How old do pics have to be to be considered "old" enough for Throwback Thursday? I'm not 10 years plus valid enough? I also read somewhere that the pics need to be from a different era in your life. Really? I'm not sure about that but here are a few older pics of me. The era when I pulled my underwear up higher on the hips, that was the "fashion" then and had thinner eyebrows. Yikes on both the pulled up undies and the thin eyebrows!
Besides that I think I look pretty much the same, (a bit) younger looking in the pics and double the amount of hair. Ahhhhh.......the memories!

Photographers Pepe, Norm Fisher and Dominic Petruzzi.