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I can't stand hypocrites but the world is full of them. I get it that sometimes even the best of us can engage in acts of hypocrisy, it is only human but there are degrees of hypocrisy.
Just like there are degrees of stupid.
Let's look at a few fine examples of 2020 that immediately come to mind.

Shannon Walker, the wife of a Mayor in a town called Alton located in Illinois decided to attend an illegal "bar party" and throw back a few although there were restrictions in place. But for some getting wasted is MUCH MORE important than anything else, I have seen MANY sorry examples of this myself. Of course she was very remorseful when caught (like we all are when caught doing something we shouldn't be doing). I looked at the City of Alton IL webpage and the Mayor is elected for a four year term (standard) and the yearly base salary is $88,993. Not too bad.
Also, "The Illinois Liquor Control Act requires the Mayor to serve as the Liquor Control Commissioner, with the power to enforce all laws relating to liquor control and liquor licensing". Dude, have a talk with your boozing wife, tell her to at least curb her drinking for the four years you are the Mayor. I guess the Mayor (Brant Walker) put out a post that there were some issues in the marriage and that the missus and him were living apart.

And how about Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becky that like to have some interesting sexy time outside of the marriage. I don't care if that is what you are into as a married or un married couple BUT if you preach about anti-gay stuff and upholding strict Christian "values" then perhaps watching while wifey is getting it on with a 20 year old pool boy is colliding with the other stuff you are preaching about. Jerry was the president of Liberty University (a private evangelical Christian university) in Virginia but he resigned a few months ago.
Loudly proclaiming that he was "free at last, free at last. Thank God almighty, I am free at last!" Excuse you? Yeah.....those are certainly appropriate words to use when you resign a high paying position. Free at last from WHAT? In case you do not know where those words come from, Martin Luther King spoke those words in his "Free At Last" speech. What a complete moron Jerry Jr. seems to be. I guess he also said that since his resignation he can now spend more time on his neglected wife and children. That's right Jerry! Now you and Becky can have ALL the kinky threesomes and whateversomes you desire. Please stop preaching to others about morality because YOU are a hypocrite! Jerry has since his resignation from Liberty University (which was founded by his late televangelist Father) filed a lawsuit against the school for forcing him to resign. I guess he misses the annual salary of around $1 MILLION he used to receive. Who the fuck needs that kind of a salary for being the president of a university? There is MUCH more questionable stuff on Jerry and his money dealings to read for those who are curious.
Jerry Jr. is not hurting for money, his net worth is estimated to be $100 million.
Remember Jerry, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God. You better do something truly good with all those millions, think with your heart and your brain instead of your ego and your dick.
And if you still can't figure what to do with your fortune, send me an email and I will help you. I truly believe in altruism.

Ragina Gray a protester and activist in Portland got arrested for interfering with a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. So another Portland activist released Ragina's name and mugshot on Twitter. This resulted in a visit to Ragina's residence by a white man asking for her. Ragina is black. According to Ragina's Mother that opened the door, the man had a gun in his hand but took off, so this is a non verified statement. Now Ragina is scared, understandably so because random home visits from strangers is undesirable, that something bad might happen to her and her two children (ages 4 and 9) that she frequently brought with her to the protests in Portland.
OK, I have MYSELF been to several of the protests in Portland and almost every time they turned very loud, chaotic, people running and screaming everywhere and often teargas.
This is not an event you bring a 4 and a 9 year old to, leave children and animals at home. I do not understand why you willingly subject children and animals to crazy and potentially violent events? WHY people? Ragina's Mom could had watched the children while Ragina was out protesting. And if you are out protesting for BLM and want to defund the police, perhaps calling the police when you encounter a scary situation yourself is a bit off? Maybe call your local crackhead instead and see if they can be of assistance?

Another pastor got caught with his pants down. Again. Hillsong Church pastor Carl Lentz got let go for "moral failures", he cheated on his wife Laura. I guess Carl was unable to practice what he preached.

Portland City Commissioner, Jo Ann Hardesty called 911 to report that a Lyft driver dropped her off at a gas station, which was not her destination. The Lyft driver reported that she was acting difficult and he decided to cancel the ride, which is his right. She refused to get out of his car and a disagreement arose.
If I was a Lyft driver and somebody acted inappropriate in my car I would kick them out on the freeway if I had to after tazing their ass.
Note here that the Commissioner wants large budget cuts to the Portland police and thinks that most 911 calls are unnecessary. But her 911 call shortly before 10 pm for a Lyft incident that angered her was necessary? A Portland Commissioner's salary typically falls between $74,553 and $117,022 and the average is $86,433. WOW.....I think Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty should resign.
If Portland needs a new Commissioner I will volunteer to step in and try to conduct some order around here, Tati style.


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