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It is early Wednesday evening, the day after the election and the results are still saying undecided although Biden is in the lead but I am hearing mumbles about voter fraud so I am not sure what's going to happen. Again voter fraud, missing ballots, destroyed ballots etc is so wrong. I hope all of that will be addressed accordingly as it should, regardless of what party you vote for, the votes should never get tampered with and one person = one vote.
That there is even suspicion of voter fraud is deplorable in my opinion.
Meanwhile there were some decisions made on a local level here in Oregon last night. Just like my lawn sign says, people voted YES on Measure 109 to approve the use of psilocybin for therapeutic use although the details are going to take a while to work out. I feel we are moving in the right direction on this.....Santa and his reindeers were onto something a long time ago with those magic mushrooms.
Oregon also passed Measure 110 which decriminalizes the possession of hard drugs. Possession for personal use I should add. Don't think you can have a few kilos of cocaine in your backpack and not get in trouble for it should you get caught or pull some Breaking Bad shenanigans without repercussions.
I feel we are moving in the right direction here as well. I don't think drug addiction should be punishable by jail, not to mention how costly it is to prosecute and jail people for drug offenses. That money can be used in better ways.
Of course this is a complicated issue, since I have no substance abuse issues perhaps it is a bit difficult for me to relate to this but I have known plenty of people that had problems with alcohol, heroin, meth, cocaine and pills. And I do know that some people commit crimes to feed their addiction and that should not be overlooked.
What I would like to point out here is that Dr. Bronner's soap company donated generously to this measure. I love Dr. Bronner's for what they contribute to Burning Man, everything from the foam bath camp to all the amazing lectures and guest speakers they have. Very good stuff.
Since writing my blog last night I thought of something that I intended to mention but the other night while driving home and listening to the radio I heard them talk about that around 70 years ago (in the 1950s) the two parties were so similar that people had a difficult time knowing what party to vote for. There was not enough polarization (I think that is the word that was used). Today it is a completely different story and many know exactly where they stand on the political spectrum and in many cases that is dividing people instead of bringing us together. Plenty of examples of that on a daily basis.
This is a really good article that I found, it's basically describing what I think is the destruction of society as we know it.
Yeay.....we live in such fun times! :-)


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