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Dogs 2020

Today is the day....election day. Will Trump sit another four years or is Biden going to take over? One thing to keep in mind is that some voters are not voting for Trump or Biden, they are voting for whatever political party they feel should rule. Meaning they vote Democrat or Republican, not necessary for the candidates representing each party. And let's not forget about the Libertarian Party (Jo Jorgensen) and the Green Party (Howie Hawkins) that you can vote for in the 2020 election. And according to Biden black folks ain't black if they have a problem figuring out whether to vote for him or Trump. ;-)
I have to say that I am disappointed and appalled at grown men and women on BOTH sides, Democrat and Republican making false statements, sharing fake memes and information on social media and just talking a bunch of bullshit in general. Never have I seen this much craziness over an election. Everything from murders, violence, destruction to voter fraud.
Voter fraud to me is completely unthinkable, to even think you should do that undermines the idea of democracy. People that get caught committing voter fraud should have their rights to vote taken away from them permanently and I believe in harsh punishments for that. I actually know somebody that voted for Hillary twice in the last election, got caught and last time we talked about it that individual had hired an attorney and was facing trial. Voter fraud is not cool.
Intimidation and violence because somebody does not agree with you politically is disgusting and shows that you are a human of lesser intelligence. Last time I checked this is a "free" country, you know land of there free and freedom of speech and all that stuff that Americans loudly like to point out to non Americans. Well, that means everybody should be able to support whichever candidate they want without facing punishment or ridicule.
The last three presidents prior to the current one all did two full terms (Obama, Bush and Clinton) so if that is an indication of anything then do not lose your marbles if Trump sits another four years. I called that Trump was going to get the Republican nomination in 2016 when I was at Burning Man and people looked at me like I was completely nuts.
Another thing I think is hilarious is all the people that loudly declared that they would leave the US and move somewhere else should Trump win last time.....what happened, did anyone of them actually pack up and leave or are they still complaining? I hope they got a game plan this time around if the current presidents stays. And if Biden wins then I guess they are good for at least four more years before maybe having to think about moving again.
I can tell you my three top choices should I decide to leave the US. Sweden of course since I can always go back there, Switzerland and Mauritius.
Media coverage of the election and anything political in general has been awful. I don't care what your personal beliefs are, keep that to yourself and do your job as a journalist. If you do not remember what journalism is all about then read up on it again or resign. Somebody else can take your high paying position and do a better job since you obviously are not fit to do the job right. Also I think it is important to know who owns the newspapers and what their political affiliation is (if any). Bezos, Bloomberg, Adelson, Buffet, Murdoch and Henry to name a few all play an important role in media and they are also billionaires. How do you think that affects how the news are presented in the outlets they own and therefore control? As a spectator I think that media in general have been treating Trump worse than they would treat a murderer or child molester. The hatred for the president is comparable to those who commit atrocious acts when in fact he has not done anything close to such. And no I do not agree with Trump on everything but I also do not hate him. I have true hate for some humans but he is not one of them. If you think Trump is bad then imagine how the people in Russia, Philippines, North Korea and Equatorial Guinea feel? Are you feeling just as upset when you read about the presidents of those countries as you feel about Trump?
As far as the COVID-19 situation goes and the spread of it here in the US, I do not think a Democrat would had done a better or worse job than a Republican. It is easy to point fingers. Look up per capita deaths per country and see how other places are doing. COVID-19 is most likely an endemic. Meaning here to stay.
Personal accountability is out the window. Do not blame a president for your own shortcomings. I do not go downtown Portland to loot, destroy and spray paint ACAB and Kill All Cops and then blame the president for my actions. I would also not blame the president if I should get COVID-19.
Now I strongly do believe in a serious reform of the American for profit health care system, a president can straighten that situation out.
I have not been to downtown Portland at night for a while because I got so fed up with the craziness and destruction that I witnessed with my own eyes every time I went down there over the summer. But I might go tonight. From what I understand Portland is preparing for an eruption of violence tonight. We shall se....
Look.....I am good with whatever happens this election. My candidate of choice was Bernie and he is out, I like Bernie and what he stands for. But if you want change then do YOUR part. Vote (if you are eligible). Work on YOURSELF, be a good fellow human. Most of us can improve on a lot.
The world pretty much sucks and it sucks because of us humans. What are YOU doing to make this world a better place?
I can tell you this much, if I was president I would not be liked. I have very strong opinions on certain issues.
To me since humans in general suck I am voting DOGS 2020.


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