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Cooking With Tati

I am a chef in the five star dining category. (Not quite). Let me take you on an extraordinary culinary experience in my kitchen - cooking with Tati!
I LOVE pierogis! My fave filling is kraut, then potato but potato & cheese will work too.
I found these, Kasia's at Costco and I was very happy when I did because I haven't been able to find any quality pierogis around here, until now. I always fry up some chopped red onion to serve with my pierogis.
Of course you can make them from scratch as well, I used to with my Mom but I don't really have patience for that now. Maybe one day.

Quinoa....there are many ways to serve this nutritious grain. I mix my quinoa with vegetables. Like white onion, red pepper and garlic fried up and then simmering with the quinoa in a vegetable broth.

Who doesn't like potatoes? I love to have my potatoes with this brown gravy (or sauce) that you can find at IKEA, best gravy ever!

That banana or two you have laying on the counter can slice it and fry it up with brown sugar and olive oil. So yummy!

See.....easy and delicious!


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Ian on the run on :

Yammi! ;-)
What about risipisi?
Sliced backen Bananas (long side cut) with peas and rice!

Tatiana on :

Backen bananas? What is that? I never heard of a backen banana or risipisi but it sounds good!

Ian on the run on :

In the pan with butter, sliced half by the long side...
Its one of the dishes of my childhood! Very simple.
Hope you are ok, Tati! :-)

Tatiana on :

So far so good here in Tati land.
Hope you are good too!

Ian on the run on :

Yeah, all good so far.
Bought some Pierogi and had them yesterday. Like it!
I also like the Korean Version, Mandu. Very good stuff too!

Tatiana on :

Mandu? I have to see if I can find the Korean pierogis (dumplings) somewhere.
I actually had pierogis this evening (well last evening or whatever cause it's like 2 AM now) for dinner.

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