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Three Kids Mine

Here are my pictures from this months shoot with Cindy at Three Kids Mine in Henderson Nevada. This is where you can find an amazing work of art called Wheel of Misfortune painted by somebody called Aware. I love this location. I am glad we (me and Cindy) went out there and did the shoot. Thank You Cindy! ❤

Photographer Cindy Enchanted Eye Photography.


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Carla on :

Tatiana: I noticed that you put this post in your " I'm Vain " section of your blog.... and appropriately so.... very beautiful photo shoot. The location provides all kinds of interesting scenery to highlight the pretty subject (YOU) in all of the photos. ❤

It is so strange seeing all of the clear and nice weather in all of your latest blog posts .... here where I live... last night New Year's Eve we just got another 8 inches of wet sloppy snow.... good morning New Year's Day. I am staying in today.
Carla :-)

Tatiana on :

All my photoshoot pics go into the "I'm Vain" category.
I had to name the category something and thought that was a fitting name for it although I mean it with irony.

Yes good morning New Year's Day!

Cindy on :

Such a beautiful day at Three Kids Mine and love the images you posted. You look amazing in all of them. Splendid place!!

Tatiana on :

Yes.....splendid place!
Anybody can look amazing with you as the photographer.
Thanks for a nice day with good pictures!

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