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Oldie But Goodie

Here is an oldie but goodie of ME (this pic is already in the blog somewhere). Location somewhere outside of Las Vegas with the wind blowing through my hair. A bebe dress on that I still have. I keep clothes forever.
I have a few photo shoots awaiting. One with Cindy and one with Barry, both photographers that I have shot with before. I had to cancel on Cindy a few times, once because of work and another because I had to help somebody out. Too bad because we had a shoot scheduled on the day of the supermoon that happened a few weeks ago and I totally missed out on the shoot and watching the spectacular moon......disappointing! Plus I don't like cancelling and being flaky, that's not me.
Barry mentioned maybe shooting in Death Valley......I have never done that before, so I hope we can make that happen. Then I might have another shoot somewhere out by Beatty. That is about 100 miles from Vegas and I need to bring a dress that flows. I have not decided on that shoot yet.
But if I do it I will pack a sleeping bag and then me and Chhaya will spend the night in the car listening to Coast to Coast AM. Munch on potato chips and cuddle!


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Carla on :

Obviously a very nice and well composed overall photo, thanks for re-posting... noticeably an interestingly delightful change with your darker hair in this older picture. I really like your dress (just a little too short for me but really looks nice on you) and your shoes... and that provocative look on your face.
There certainly must be other photos from the same photo shoot? Perhaps I will have to take some time to look through some of your older blog posts.

Your avid fan,

Tatiana on :

Yes, there are more form the same shoot. I will dig one up and post it here, maybe.
I recall they wanted me to pose with a large Louis Vuitton bag like I was in love with it or protecting it......I didn't really like the result of that. hair was darker. Maybe I should go darker now?
Or do blondes have more fun?

Carla on :

Oh no, do not change your hair color because of my comment, I love your lighter blonde hair color in all of the more recent photos, but the older darker hair picture showed a nice contrast and a different "you" ...

Blondes definitely have more fun. I have natural very blonde hair, I wear it slightly longer than shoulder level, and I have bright blue eyes. Over the years I have played around with darker colors, even red tones.... but I always return to my natural blonde... I like to have fun so blonde is the color for me!
You don't have to post the additional pics from that shoot if you give me hint of the date then I can find them.
:-) Carla

Tatiana on :

This is the only pic from that shoot that I posted (that I can recall).
To see my photoshoot pics just click on I'm Vain underneath the "Categories" section to the right in the blog and a few pages of pictures will show up.....

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