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I had plans of taking a bath and cleaning my kitchen last night since I had decided to stay home instead of going to work. But no......after eating ice cream and reading for a while I passed out at an early time for me......I'm guessing by 10 - 11 pm. For some reason I was really tired all day yesterday. That was the first time I tried this ice cream and it was not that good, so I won't have it again.

Now it's Monday and my plans for today are loosely as follows......take Chhaya out, go to Sambalatte, have a pedicure, prepare for a photo shoot tomorrow, maybe find a gym and get a free one week trial pass, walk Chhaya, eat and clean.
The other day I ran out of eyelash glue. HUGE PANIC! (Not really). So by mistake I bought a glue by Ardell that I never tried before, it comes in a small glass vial. I thought why not try that, I mean it is an eyelash glue after all. We are talking for fake eyelashes now, in case you don't know what I am yapping about.....eyelash glue.....what? Well, that was the first and last time I will be using that glue. It smelled very strong, reminded me of how superglue smells.
It BURNT. And my lashes were glued on so hard that I had to wash my face to be able to peel them off and some of my own lashes still came off in the process. What kind of a glue is that? I am telling you, do not use that one! So I got the one I usually use, also by Ardell, that one comes in a tube. Now I am back to normal lash business. I like the 105's and 117's from Ardell for my eyes.


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Annette on :

I must have used that same crap because I had the same experience...toxic smell and it took some of my real lashes. It came in a glass vial!

Tatiana on :

YES! That's the one in the glass vial. I could not believe the strong smell and the burn on my lash line! But I applied it anyways, never again!

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