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Boozin' And Socializing

I've been busy with boozin' and socializing since I arrived "home" to Vegas. Two beers in two days is a lot of drinking for me since I rarely drink. I actually had a Colorado Bulldog at work last week, I drank only half of it since I got dizzy after two sips. Yes, I am a habitual drinker as you can tell. One drink and I am giggling and acting sillier than normal.
So I went to Mikey's house last night for beer, food and a movie. We like to drink our Modelos with salt on the rim of the glass, lime and ice. I was curious about the Modelo Negro but did not like it at all......yuck.

Today I met up with Kyla and her boyfriend at Sambalatte. Her super cute puppy Walter came too.

Kyla is a new friend, we met at Burning Man and had a connection. Yeay! I love making new quality friends. ❤ We are already planning on spending more time together at Burning Man next year. I am sooooo looking forward to going!

And me and Chhaya went to Red Rock yesterday and ran into two burros. This is one of them. They are curious and cute but we keep our distance, last time Chhaya got too close to a burro at Red Rock it chased her while braying loudly. Chhaya was like......"WTF?!!!"


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Annette on :

It chased Chhaya ... That made me laugh out loud!!!!! I had a golden retriever named Sam who met a donkey that brayed at him and his whole face receded and he had a wtf look on his face :-)

Tatiana on :

HA HA! Yes, that burro got mad and Chhaya ran away from it looking very concerned......

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