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Drive Through Nevada

So I took some pictures on my drive through Nevada. I think that the desert is beautiful.
No trees just brush, bushes and Joshua trees but the sky is big and the sunsets breathtaking. And it smells good.

The famous clown motel in Tonopah......!

There are brothels across Nevada. It's the only US state that allows legal prostitution.

There is a brothel connected to the Area 51 Alien Center souvenir shop. It's called Alien Cathouse. Really cool stuff to buy in the gift shop, if you ever find yourself on highway 95 I recommend that you stop there. There is a cafe in there also and I asked the chef if he feeds the ladies that work next door and he assured me that they are indeed well taken care of food wise. I think I will need to stop by again next time I pass through and get a tank top, a visor for Burning Man and some panties with the Bunny Ranch logo. Dennis Hof owns both Alien Cathouse and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the latter the more famous brothel.

I ❤ Nevada!


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mumintrollet on :

Nice picture of the alien center and the hot rod truck.

Tatiana on :

I thought it was pretty cool that it happened to be parked there when I was there. Makes for a nice pic!

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