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Fear No Change

I have accomplished more since I left Kenai over a week ago than I have in a long time. I have done more than just drive from Alaska to Washington with Chhaya next to me but I don't write about everything I do here on the blog because some of it is too personal (I already share a lot of my life here) and some I want to keep away from nosy rodents that like to talk shit and gossip. But I do feel somewhat proud over my own abilities I have to say. I've had this Pippi and dog in my car for years now, it's kind of a representation of me and Chhaya. Me and Chhaya are a team and I grew up with Pippi Långstrump (Longstocking) and Pippi is a great role model for everyone I think. At least she is my role model, if I had to pick one.

A while back I wrote that I noticed that each time I get a new box of Q-Tips something usually changes or happens in my life, it's an observation I have made over the years. Well, this time the new box of Q-Tips coincided with me and Chhaya leaving Alaska. Coincidence or not?
Some people say that there are no coincidences. I don't know.
And last year when I was feeling worried about leaving Alaska (a move that I decided to postpone) I wrote about my concerns and feelings. A friend of mine read it and wrote me this message on a match book. I have kept the match book with the message.

Fear no change. Change can be scary. I hope this change is good for me. I can say this much, so far so good. I am done with the long and sometimes torturous drive through Canada and I've had some pretty good days since then. I'm in Spokane Washington right now. It's beautiful, lots of large leafy trees and the weather is nice. I am heading West on Monday. Not sure about any frequent updates here on the blog.....bad internet connection and little time.
So be patient with me.....more is to come!


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Annette on :

I am excited for your new adventures ;-)

Tatiana on : too kind of, mixed with being a bit overwhelmed and confused....

Annette on :

I kinda felt that way moving back to Kansas.....cowtown is a little boring

Tatiana on :

I hear you.....I know the feeling!

Landis on :

Sounds like you're headed my direction. I don't know where you're headed, but I'm in Bellingham, if you get somewhere close I'd love to see you, even just for lunch or whatever. :-)

Tatiana on :

That already crossed my mind....I will be back in your area soonish and we will meet up for sure!

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