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Tea With Friends

Today was a day I had been looking forward to, it was a day for some tea time with friends. I love having afternoon tea. We went to The Clockwork Rose Tea Emporium (my second visit so far). Time flies by when you enjoy yourself.....we were there for a little over 3 hours.
Table ready!

I had Earl Grey tea (as usual).

Scones with clotted cream, jam and lemon curd.

Pretty teapots.

I ate alllllll my food.

Eat Me (that is what is says on my necklace).

We had a great time.

Moon Boots

Moon Boots are the trend du jour currently. A lot of the current It-models and celebs are doing photoshoots wearing them. And back in early 2000s they had a moment as well, a moment that is back now.
Of course I have Moon Boots! And of course I wore them for a photoshoot, out by Lake Mead outside Las Vegas in 2007 and Barry was the photographer. I still have those Moon Boots, I got them in Denver and I wore them to Together As One years ago.
Memories.....I am looking through CDs with old pictures this evening. Here I am in my Moon Boots. I thought they were SO cool and SO cute back then and they still are!


One thing that I do NOT comprehend is how people can follow any of the Kardashians and their entourage on social media? No way would I contribute to their wealth by following them and liking their pathetic updates. If you are curious about people’s Instagram but do not want to follow them you can type in their IG handle on There you go, a small tip from me in case you were not aware of that already......
Like WTF is this? I must be old and completely behind on the trends because I do not see the appeal in any way shape or form here.
Or perhaps it is not me, it is them. Kanye or YE and his new hanger on Julia at some fashion event in Europe.

(Source of picture TMZ.)

Julia’s “dramatic” eye make up looks like when a toddler gets to rummage through Mom’s make up bag and smears their eyes with some black color. It was actually Kanye that did his magic here, not only with Julia's outfit, her make up as well. Kanye is a MUA also, next thing he will be painting the faces of the models walking in New York Fashion Week. Julia's way too large earrings look painful. And Kanye…..well the ski mask hood makes him look like a headsman for ISIS (Jihadi John). Those oversized boots that he has been stomping around in lately belong on the floor in a slaughterhouse. Combined they look like they are going to an S&M party. And those gloves, like why? Everything about this is CRINGE.
Kim did not do much better herself the other day when she met up with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton for coffee dressed in something similar. A long black shiny leather (?) coat, yeah…..a tough Matrix bad ass babe right there! You have to look extra special when grabbing some caffeine. And those terrible gloves, their hands must be cold hence the gloves. Thigh high boots and a long fake braid to top off her “look”. I should take notes cause I look like a bag lady when I roll up for my London Fog in the morning, I could maybe muster up a bit of effort tomorrow and at least wear my black thigh high boots. I bet my baristas will love it.
Kim recently announced that she passed the baby bar exam on the fourth try. Mind you the way she is going about getting her law degree according to her, is close to impossible and harder than the traditional law school route. Impressive! Yep, Kim is not only a busy Mom of 4, she is also managing several successful businesses (like SKIMS and showing off her rear end on IG) AND pursuing a law degree the almost impossible way.
The rest of us peons should just sit down.
And even after all the money she invested in changing her body with surgeries, implants, BBLs and fillers, she is still not happy and tweaks the pictures she puts up of herself on IG. CRINGE.
Khloé also after all her surgeries changes her whole face with filters on IG and her body. She must be running low on funds because she is selling her daughter’s used clothes. For a lot. The thought of giving the clothes away must not resonate with her. Especially since some of those items were probably given to her for free. So many millions but still wants more. CRINGE.
And the rest of them are CRINGE as well, Kylie, Kris and bla bla bla.
Seriously if you follow them you are contributing to their wealth and the dumbing down of society. So please do everyone a favor and unfollow them. Why they are even relevant is a sure sign that people are dumb.

Coca Cola

A long time ago me and my friend Jenny spent about a month in beautiful Sopot, Poland. We were teenagers and had a super fun time, going out almost every night to a diskoteka called Bungalowa. During the day we would pick some restaurant for a late lunch, our Swedish currency krona did well in Poland then. We were rich!
Well one afternoon we went to a restaurant and we rarely looked at the prices, we just ordered whatever we wanted because we could always afford it, so we ordered a meal each and two Coca Colas. The female server raised her eyebrows and said Coca Cola? Like are you really ordering Coca Cola? I was like yes.....two please. ?
When the check came it was a very high amount, more than we had on us. Turns out that Coca Cola must had been some American luxury item and priced very high. Same with Levis jeans back in the day in Poland. We were so embarrassed, my friend Jenny had to stay at the restaurant while I got in a taksófka (taxi) to go and get some more money at my cousin's apartment. Yeah......
For some time I would drink a can of coke a day, it was the soda of choice for me. Then I quit drinking soda. But once in a while I will have some. I recently discovered Mexican Coca Cola, that one does not have any high fructose corn syrup instead it has regular cane sugar. Around here you can get them at the Mexican food stores.
And the other day I found this at Fred Meyer, coffee Coca Cola with vanilla flavor. What? I haven't tried it yet, it is sitting in my fridge.
I guess I am waiting for my next Coca Cola craving, I don't get those very often.

Some Brilliant Input

I spend a lot of my time at work in the dressing room in front of my laptop, either reading or writing. In this entry I thought I would cover some of the latest stuff in the news. Although I feel like I have brought up my thoughts and opinions on most topics over and over here in the blog and I do not want to repeat myself. Therefore I don't write as much about some stuff anymore.
For example, last night my friend Fatima asked me if I had heard of this thing when you steam your vagina cause she wants to try it....maybe. I was like DUH, I wrote a blog about that in 2011!
So contrary to popular belief Gwyneth Paltrow was far from one of the first to write about V-steaming but her platform reaches millions. Mine doesn't (but it SHOULD, right?). Besides, Chai-Yok has been around in the Asian communities for a long time. Way before Gwyneth Paltrow.
Anyhow.....let's get started. Some brilliant input on some of the latest from me.
A few weeks ago the current Pope (Pope Francis) made this statement, "We see that people do not want to have children, or just one and no more. And many, many couples do not have children because they do not want to, or they have just one -- but they have two dogs, two cats ... Yes, dogs and cats take the place of children," the Pope said. "Yes, it's funny, I understand, but it is the reality. And this denial of fatherhood or motherhood diminishes us, it takes away our humanity. And in this way civilization becomes aged and without humanity, because it loses the richness of fatherhood and motherhood. And our homeland suffers, as it does not have children."
Ehhhhh....what now? I think it is GREAT that people do not have kids or decide to have "just" one. In fact I wish that everybody that reproduces stops at one or two. First of all, the world IS overpopulated. There are not enough resources for all here now and for future inhabitants of this planet, so stop having so many kids! I feel that people that squeeze out four or more kids are selfish and careless. Second, many of the people that do have children should NOT have any. So many bad "parents" out there. Children SUFFER unspeakable abuse in the hands of "parents". That is not parenting!
Currently in Afghanistan parents are selling their children because they can not afford to feed their family. Selling their children on markets. Hard to imagine that some have to resort to that. No child should be born into those kinds of circumstances. So that some of us are RESPONSIBLE and opt out of traditional parenthood and have four legged children instead should be recognized as something positive. I decided as a teenager that most likely I would not be putting children into this miserable world and I have not regretted this decision. Besides I think that I love animals more than I love random people. Well....I know I do.
Then Pope Francis talked about adoption. He suggested that people that can not biologically have children should adopt instead. I think that people should adopt instead of having biological children. There are abandoned children in every country, take those in and care for them. But ONLY if you intend to be a good parent.
The Pope should address all the sexual abuse the priests in the Catholic church are guilty of instead of suggesting that people have more kids. The Pope should also look over draconian abortion laws that force little girls as young as 11 to give birth after they been raped because abortion is illegal in the country they reside in. I am also really bothered by the government of Poland's abortion stance.....shameful.
Pope Francis gets a big thumbs down from me. His views are backwards.
In New York City a vigil was held this evening for a young woman, Michelle Go that was showed to her death in front of an upcoming subway train. Some say that this is one of many Anti-Asian hate crimes. And I looked into some of the perpetrators of Anti-Asian hate crimes and many of them are black. Just like the man that pushed Michelle Go in front of the train. Had this been a white man showing a black person in front of that subway, Portland and other cities would had been on fire (again) tonight. With crowds yelling Black Lives matter. I guess no other lives matter for some huh? Instead people are peacefully gathered in Times Square for Michelle Go. I can not imagine how Michelle's family are coping with this. From what I have gathered Michelle was a wonderful and kind human that contributed to society, so it is a huge loss that she is gone.
And two other young women lost their lives recently in senseless murders while at work. Kristal Bayron-Nieves got shot in New York City while working as a cashier at Burger King over $100.
The offender got caught and yelled at the crowd, "Fuck You all" and ranted about reparations for 400 years of slavery. Is that how you do reparations, by shooting an innocent 19 year old girl while she is working?
Brianna Kupfer was found stabbed to death inside a store in Los Angeles while at work. Only 24 years old.
In 2019 Tessa Majors got attacked and stabbed to death by THREE guys in New York City, they wanted her cell phone. Tessa was only 18. The defendant's pro bono attorney pointed out that "the boy was born while his dad was incarcerated and had a “turbulent childhood,” growing up in public housing and homeless shelters." OK. A bad childhood. I feel for children that grow up like this.
How about we start pushing for NOT having children when your life is in shambles and you cannot provide a stable and safe environment for your offspring? Maybe picking better Fathers for your children? Simply hold off with having children until you ACTUALLY CAN provide what they deserve.
All those young women murdered over nothing. They will never come back. And there are more.
ALL the offenders are black. I see a problem. I guess some people would be quick to label me a racist after making that statement, I am just giving the facts.
Almost daily I read or hear that mental health is dwindling here in the US and most likely in other countries as well. It is very obvious to me that poor mental health is raging. Yes....have more children people! Poor mental health + having children = disaster. Just look at people's behavior at airplanes. Like I don't want to get on an airplane, simply because I don't want to be potentially stuck with some psycho having an episode.
A rat, Magawa recently passed (from old age I hope) that sniffed out landmines. A man got a pig heart transplant. I don't know if that particular individual deserved this grandiose gesture after reading about his past but he did receive the world's first pig-to-human transplant (I hope he is grateful). Dogs are seen as man's best friend. Cats are beloved pets. So are many other animals as well. ❤️ Animals are giving SO much to us, having said that I feel it is time, it has been time to seriously look over how we treat animals.
Treat them better, give them MUCH better living conditions and stop eating so much meat. I promise, your ass won't starve if you start eating less meat. In fact you will most likely get healthier.
And severely punish the lowlife scumbags that mistreat animals, big AND small animals. Make trophy hunting illegaI everywhere.
No animals should be used for human entertainment. People that abuse animals should get locked away for a long time, they belong in the same building as child molesters. Locked up for life preferably.
Jamie Lee Curtis spoke on her striptease scene in 'True Lies', saying that it was a powerful experience and that she felt like a bad ass. She is getting applauded for this statement. I am sending applauds to all the ladies that strip on a regular in clubs across the US. Badasses all of them. YOU got some dusty backwoods view of strippers (I personally refer to myself as a dancer)? Shove them deep up yer ass where they belong!
"Prince" Andrew of the United Kingdom.....WTF? I know I am not the only one that feels that monarchy has got to go. That is a prince? Not my kind of prince. To mention some other winners, how about Albert of Monaco and Juan Carlos of Spain that abdicated only to give the throne to his son (of course), look into why he abdicated. Such bullshit. These families, often inbred for ages, born into a lavish lifestyle funded by working people. Retire monarchy.
Do something useful with taxpayer's money instead of supporting this madness.
And lastly just for giggles......some white trash wedding party in Barstow got broken up by the police. I guess there was just too much fun, like violent wrestling. Who doesn't want that at their wedding? Even the pregnant bride got tasered (!) and detained and there were children present. Beautiful! That is #GOALS right there! What advice did the Pope give to human kind again? Have more children? A great example right there of idiots that should NOT have children. Collect cars and beer cans instead. Reminds me strongly of somebody from my past, that is why I am throwing it in here.
That shit is right up his alley. Fun life.....NOT.

New Year New Shoes

I held on to these shoes (for work) for a looooong time, I finally reluctantly gave up on them after both pairs fell apart.

They are up for grabs to the highest bidder! I know YOU need these on display in your living room.
Now this pair I actually decided to save so I located a cobbler. I think they got some life in them still. Let's see if the cobbler can patch up my bejeweled treasures.

So new shoes. And I also decided to try something new for me and move up a size in height. I have been wearing 7 inch heels for a long time but got a pair of 8 inch heels….and yes it is noticeable and I like it.

See the height difference?

And if you think that is a crazy tall heel, I work with girls that balance on 10 inch heels. Stilts. Almost. And they move around effortlessly and gracefully in them too.

Display Of Carrots

One more food related entry.....Went to the grocery store this evening and saw this amazing display of carrots. Somebody took their time to make this for us shoppers. I stopped, looked at it.....admired the art because to me this is art. Complimented it to the produce guy working. Then I got a strong feeling of gratitude. For the abundance of food at my fingertips. All I have to worry about is getting to the grocery store (and I never had to worry about that either) and once I enter the store there is more food and goods available than I would know what to do with. And in some parts of the world people go hungry. Or walk for miles to find food and water. Where we are born shapes our life in so many ways.
Do you ever stop and look at the variety of goods available at the grocery is it necessary to pick in between 30 kinds of razors, way too many deodorants, all the different cheeses, yoghurts and everything else that comes in so many varieties?
We are so spoiled. I am beyond grateful for my life, really. I tend to forget this.

Fresh fruits and vegetables.....all kinds.

Upon leaving I decided that I am going to print out the picture I took of the carrots and write the grocery store a thank you note for everything and include the printout of the carrots. A big thank you for everything that is available to me as a consumer and everything the people that work at the grocery store do for me. Like creating a beautiful display of carrots. Thank You.

Latest Food Habits

My latest food habits are as follows.....fresh green beans. I fry them up with a pinch of salt and a LOT of hot chili oil. I love spicy food, great for clearing mucus out of the nose. Healthy.

I recently discovered this juice, an immunity juice full of vitamins. Plus a Vitamin D gel cap for extra boost.

The last two entries have been food related - I feel like Martha Stewart. Need to switch it up with something else. Stay tuned!

Vitamin Shots

Do you take vitamins? I do once in a while in pill form. But I have been drinking these vitamin shots that I get at Trader Joe's for some time now. They come in a few different varieties - C, Turmeric, Ginger and Vitamin D & Zinc. I alternate between them. I like!

So the virus is making rounds. Not sure what to think about this virus that has been occupying our lives since early 2020 now. I can say this....I personally do not know anybody that has died from COVID or with COVID, on the other hand my friend died a short time after taking the J&J vaccine. And yes I think that he would had been alive still had he not taken the J&J vaccine. And yes I know that people have died from COVID as well.

Final Pictures

And.....the final pictures from my beach shoot back in October. What a great way to start off 2022, with with pictures of me for several days in a row!