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Soggy Wet Shoe Lace

Today I felt like a soggy wet shoe lace. That I got anything productive done surprises me. All I wanted to do is stay at home and hibernate but I forced myself to go and do stuff.
I went and got a hair trim, about three inches. I told the hair dresser that I wanted those inches to come home with me. I am going to burn that hair, a first for me.
"When we cut our hair, it represents the end of something that once was and a new beginning. When we do have to cut our hair, it is never to be thrown away, but rather, burned with sage or sweetgrass in a ceremonial way. When our hair is burned, all of our thoughts, prayers, dreams, aspirations, experiences, and history rise to the Creator to be properly taken care of. We are then guided in the direction for our prayers to be answered. Throwing our hair away is a form of personal disrespect." From

I've had two cups of tea today. I love tea. I found this Earl Grey with double Bergamot.

So Christmas is over. It's like it didn't happen. New Year's Eve is tomorrow. Before I go to bed I am going to take a bath and do some laundry, I need to hand wash some things.
Bye Christmas until next time.....

Another Year Older

Hello from another year older Tati. Feel the same and pretty much look the same as I did 20 years ago. I don't think I will be able to say the same in another 20 years but you never know.
I tried the Swedish pancakes (pannkakor) and they are excellent, I am so getting those again!

Today I slept in. Finally got up and got a London Fog, found out that I can start bringing in my own reusable mugs into the coffee shops so I will start doing that. Until I get my own espresso machine, which I will as soon as I decide on which one I want. And since I procrastinate, it might take me a while. So do not be surprised if it takes me another year.....again, I procrastinate (sometimes).
The other night I watched Elves (all the episodes) and tonight I am planning on doing the same with some other Netflix series. Not many plans besides relax and eat. Feels good.

What I Eat

This is what I eat.....basically every Christmas and Thanksgiving.
And throughout the year too. Potatoes. I LOVE potatoes. I boil them and make mashed potatoes and have them with brown sauce. Add lots of ground pepper and of course mash the potatoes with butter and heavy whipping cream.

Red cabbage. Pierogis (if I can find any decent ones). I have not tried these ones before. They better be good because I am planning on having them on my birthday. If they are not good I will go back to the Russian Deli that I found them at and complain in Polish, they will understand me. My fave pierogis are the ones filled with sauerkraut and my second faves are filled with potatoes. I chop up a large red onion and fry it. And eat the pierogis with the onion and sour cream.
Growing up my Mom would make them from scratch and I would help her but I am not much of a make it from scratch cook myself.

Pies. Always a few different ones.

I also have green beans and Brussels sprouts. That is what I eat.
I love food. No diets for me. Well, I am on the vegetarian "diet" but that is not a diet, I just don't want to eat meat. I love animals too much.

Christmas 2021

Christmas 2021 came and went.....During the day on Christmas Eve I made sure to go and get some pictures with my reindeer friend.

What else did I do? I did not have the best Christmas so I am not going to sit here and pretend that I did. I was upset and sad but also normal and OK. I did not feel too sad though because I do not have it bad at all compared to some.
Here is a recipe for glögg in case you want one. I love glögg. Did not have any this year though.

There is a weather advisory in effect here in Portland for the next few days. It snowed and got cold so the city opened up four emergency shelter for the homeless AND their pets. Since I am part of Portland Pet Pack I have access to dog and cat food plus other supplies (like clothing, crates, toys etc). So I took some dog and cat food to two of the shelters.
I hope that everybody that needed to find a place warm and safe was able to do so.
There are a few dogs that I especially worry about that I see come through on Sundays when I volunteer. I hope their humans made sure to keep them warm.
I also went by Pioneer Square to look at the beautiful Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas everybody!

New Face Stuff

I got some new face stuff at Sephora a couple of days ago.
Some products I have been wanting to try for a while. I have been reading a lot about, The Ordinary, very affordable. Both the hyaluronic acid and the retinoid (granactive retinoid 2% emulsion) are under $10 each.
Paula's Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant is a bit pricier but I heard (read actually) some good things about it.
I used to be so much more diligent with taking care of my skin but nowadays I kind of don't care.
Perhaps I will try to make an effort to start taking better care of myself skin and body next year. Just a bit more self care and self love. Good idea!

So it is Christmas Eve, like I said I decided to not decorate this year. It's been raining every day here and I am not feeling it.
The decorations can stay put away until next year or who knows.....maybe the year after that? I am on the couch with a snoring puppy next to me. I'm comfortable. I hope you are too.

IKEA Visit

I squeezed in an IKEA visit this evening. I have not been there in a long time so of course I needed some non meat balls with potatoes (mashed), brown sauce and some dessert, they had apple pie yesterday.
I sat down and decompressed, I have been working a lot lately, so I slowly enjoyed every bite.

Then I walked around a bit, made it downstairs and decided that I definitely need to go back soon to get a few items. The reason for my visit was to get Marabou chocolate bars for people.
And then I saw these Swedish pancakes (pannkakor). I needed those. Sure frozen but I am sure they are good. I will have them with a fruit jam and whipped cream. YUMMY!

And lastly a message in Swedish....

I have a long day tomorrow, early rise and until late but after that I am off until sometime early January. Looking forward to just BEING.

11 am

It was around 11 am this morning, I ordered a latte at Stumptown before heading out for a very long day that started with this latte and then continued with picking up dog and cat food donations at MudBay, arriving for a Pet Pack shift and ended with me coming home close to 8 pm after visiting several stores, finally after a few hours of being home taking a bath, washing my hair and getting in bed. I am so tired.
It has been raining for days now. I do not have any Christmas feelings. It is gray, wet and chilly outside.
I am so looking forward to sleeping. I love sleeping. I love my bed, I love getting comfortable and cozy and dozing off.....and that is exactly what I am going to do now.

2 am

2 am and it snowed a little but the snow will be gone soon because it is not cold enough. I splurged on some lottery tickets a few days ago but it was not my turn to win the lotto I guess, I rarely gamble but when I do I fantasize about what I would do with all the millions. Get a king size bed and a bunch of pets would be one of the things I would do.....a king size bed so they all can have plenty of room to sleep with me at night. But no millions this time.

When driving home through the empty streets I passed this tree and it looked so pretty that I had to turn around and take a picture of it. I love the city at night. A blanket of calm slowly comes down around 2 am, things slow down....people go to sleep. I am usually up. I listen to the radio while driving home and think about life. Now I am home, drinking tea and about to take a shower, then sleep. I need to be up before 10.
Christmas is around the corner and I am not prepared. Every day up until Christmas is full of things that have to be done. I can't believe this year is almost over.....

December 13

Since it is December 13 I have to mention Lucia that we celebrate on this day in Sweden. We even have a Lucia here in Portland at a Scandinavian cultural center.
It has been raining every day for like a week....I am not in a super Christmassy mood.
I am thinking to let my Christmas decorations rest in their boxes this year. Then next year will feel like extra special maybe?
I have a list of things that I want to get done before 2021 is over so I don't enter 2022 with stuff that I have been putting aside. And I got a headlight out on my car and according to AT&T the new (new to me) phone I got in February is no longer supported by the network because they are switching over to 5G. ??? I am annoyed over that, so lame. These are of course small problems compared to what some people deal with.
I am planning on taking almost two weeks off right before the Holidays and just have quiet me time. There is a series on Netflix called Elves that I am planning on watching and I want to read some books. Maybe go on a trip, not sure yet. I just want to hibernate and be cozy.


The world is a fucked up place with snippets of goodness scattered throughout.....otherwise it would be unbearable to live and life would have no meaning. It is probably better not to care because caring hurts and it is frustrating too because you can only do so much on your own. Ignorance IS bliss.
Two well deserved guilty verdicts came down yesterday.
Smollet. WTF. He had a great career making more money that most will in a year per episode by acting in some TV show that I never watched. Decided he wanted more and got his dumb ass in all kinds of trouble.
Wasting the resources of law enforcement that could had been spent on something useful instead of investigating something that he staged. Great acting there. How embarrassing. I wonder if he even feels embarrassed? He deserves that guilty verdict.
And then Josh Duggar. I have mentioned that sick family here before. I hope that his wife somehow finds the strength to leave him but she is probably brainwashed by her "faith", thinking she needs to stand by her husband no matter what he does, plus she has SEVEN kids with that perv. WTF, stop squeezing out innocent kids into that sick twisted family! Poor kids to be subjected to that life.
If there is something I cannot stand is when people abuse the ones that can not defend themselves and those are usually children and animals. I am for lengthy prison sentences, mandatory chemical castration and even the death penalty in some instances for the ones that are found guilty of these kinds of crimes. There is NO room in society for these kinds of "humans". The oldest Duggar offspring deserves the guilty verdict. Go be a perv in prison. Have fun.
Something else that irks me is that these high and mighty self proclaimed people of faith are the ones pointing their filthy fingers at people like me saying that I am a sinner. I might be a sinner but not THAT kind of sinner. I hate hypocrites. I have known a few examples like these in my past (well one in particular). Glad those days are over! High and mighty full of wonder of their own self imagined importance when in fact all they are, is a sorry boozy porno obsessed perv. A Duggar basically. Pathetic.