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Powell's City Of Books With A Friend

Today I went to Powell's City Of Books with a friend. Julia happens to be in town.
We used to go to the bookstore several times a week back in the day when we both lived in Las Vegas, have coffee, read and talk.
So Powell's Books closed for a while during Covid and there was even talks of it not opening up again but they did eventually open and they are busy. And the coffee shop in there, Guilder Café is open as well.
I read about a latte they serve there called the Autumn Miracle Pill. Love the name and it was described as a "latte with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, panela, cold brew, salt". WOW! YUM! I was like....I HAVE to go to Powell's and try that!
Here it is.

After the second sip I was disappointed. No taste whatsoever of any of the ingredients listed, tasted like a plain latte. Came only in a 12 ounce cup and that is small for $6.
I think the barista was new too cause she was hesitating a lot and swiped off the espresso mound with her finger. Like NO.
Powell's itself is a great bookstore! I love browsing around in there, it is a place that you can spend some time getting lost in.

Note our matching necklaces.

I got Cheryl Strayed's wild as a gift that I want to give to a friend that recently went through a huge change in life. I hope she will find inspiration from reading it. I love this book and I have given it to several people.

I wanted a book too.....well I want like a lot of the books in there but I can't have them all. I decided on this book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I need inspiration too and why not get it from a great woman like Ruth?

Goodnight And Happy Thanksgiving

My day started with a trip to the grocery store. Got some food for my friends....the birds and the squirrels and whatever other animals that want to come through. They are all welcome.

Sometime in the late afternoon it was time for a walk.

Got home and made food. Tried this vegan turkey-less stuffed roast. Made mashed potatoes. Had some green beans and I still have apple pie - YUM. Very happy, thank you. I am sincerely grateful that I have food.

Watched a documentary about Studio 54 on Netflix. I've always been interested in that place, I don't doubt that it was nothing short of amazing like everybody that was lucky enough to experience it said it was. I feel bad for Steve and Ian in the aftermath when it all came crashing down, they were innocent by today's standards. They created happiness.
Now I am going to lay on the couch and fully enjoy the rest of my evening. Goodnight and Happy Thanksgiving!

Purrington's Cat Lounge

Today me and a friend went to Purrington's Cat Lounge. A place where you can have a beverage in the company of cats. Cats that are available for adoption. Lovely! I had been looking forward to this visit.

A place with a La Marzocco espresso machine automatically gets a big thumbs up from me.

A latte please.....!

There were eight cats I think? A few were sleeping, one cat curled up at another guest's lap and stayed there the whole time. Other cats mingled and played. I love cats and I want several. What I really want is a large house with several dogs and cats and a large outside area with horses, cows, goats, name it. And I want to cuddle with all of them.
I felt extra much for this cat. So cute! I want!

I am glad these cats have a safe and warm place where they get food, love and attention. ❤️
It is sad that not all animals are cared for. Animals deserve the best. They are amazing.


Went to the grocery store today. But before that I woke up a bit after nine, attended an online meeting that I was 15 minutes late logging into which was not a big deal after all because it started late anyways. After that I decided to sleep some more, I love sleeping (in case you didn't know). I forced myself to leave the house a bit after noon and go do something. First I got a latte. I have been looking at espresso machines because I think that I will get one - finally. I just can't decide on which model. Then I went to the grocery store and I got this.

Salad and tea for me and peanuts for my squirrel friends. And toothpaste. My teeth have been hurting and I think I figured out why. A few weeks ago I ran out of my usual toothpaste (Colgate Total) so I got some other toothpaste and my teeth started hurting after about a week or so. It finally dawned on me that I probably needed to go back to my regular toothpaste. And then I read that the best toothpaste is Colgate Total and Crest Pro Health, I never tried Crest Pro Health but I got some today. I need to make sure my teeth stay healthy even though I am getting a bit long in the tooth.
So I don't know if you spend much time reading/watching news. I get my news and information about current events from several different sources and if I want to learn more about something specific or a certain person I read up on the topic in depth like on Wikipedia. Well.....humans suck. Reading the news is depressing. The world is a sad and terrible place. I am SO grateful that I decided as a teenager to not have kids because back then I already knew that I did not want to subject a child to living here in this chaos. I am just navigating through this life.....and everyday I get sad and upset by things that I read and see. There is bad stuff everywhere. People are awful. Like really.
I appreciate the good people out there and I try to do good too. To make it easier or better for someone or another living being.
Just wanted to say that before I brush my teeth and get ready for bed.
Do something good today for someone. Be kind to animals. And eat less meat or stop eating meat completely.
Jane Goodall from September 2020, "If we would just stop eating all of this meat, the difference would be huge because all of these billions of farm animals … kept in concentration camps to feed us, and, you know, whole environments are wiped out to grow the grain to feed them,” Goodall said. “Masses of fossil fuel are used to get the grain to the animals, the animals to the abattoir, the meat to the table. Masses of water, which is in such short supply and drying in some areas, is used to get vegetable-to-animal protein. And, finally, they’re all producing gas in their digestion and that’s methane, and that is a very virulent greenhouse gas.” The 86-year-old animal activist urged viewers to reconsider their diets, stating, “If everybody ate less meat, or preferably no meat, it wouldn’t only reduce cruelty, but it would also have a huge impact, positive impact on the environment.”
Thank You Jane. One day I want to be an activist too. I love people that make a positive difference. So not ALL people are bad but too many are. The world is a sad place indeed.

ClockWork Rose Tea Emporium

This afternoon I had tea with a friend at a place in Beaverton called the ClockWork Rose Tea Emporium. A steampunk tea room. Very nicely decorated with lots of eye catching stuff in every corner of the room. I will definitely return for the two hour afternoon tea experience. Today I enjoyed a London Fog, it was delicious.
I highly recommend this place if you enjoy tea, the beautiful tea room is an added bonus. I love tea so I can't wait to go back for more.

Tea with a friend or tea alone - such a lovely thing to do!


Sitting here at night and feeling nostalgic. Looking at online rave pictures from the past. This was Together As One 2004. New Year's Eve. Me and Julia. (Middle row to the left).

The memories I have from my rave days.....SO MUCH FUN. The raves in Southern CA back in the day.....late 90s through before EDC moved to Vegas (so before 2011) were pure magic.
I went to my last rave in LA in 2010. It was Monster Massive. My first rave was Narnia, late 90s. All that mattered was the music. The dancing. The feeling of togetherness.
I remember wearing large pants and small tops with a butterfly, a glittery fairy or something Hello Kitty on it.
Tennis shoes. Cute bracelets and colorful rings. The energy was amazing. Everybody was the same. No such thing as way too expensive bottles of alcohol, roped off areas and not being allowed to sit down at a table unless you paid for it (that has never been my thing anyways). Hours of your life going by way too fast while lost in a wonderful rave world, feeling the rhythm of the bass not wanting the night to end. I am so grateful I have those memories and experiences. Also a bit sad because those days are gone.....LA Sports Arena, LA Coliseum, National Orange Show San Bernadino, plus places I don't even remember anymore. I just know I danced and that I felt alive.
More nostalgic feelings earlier today. I went to the mall and had a latte from Nordstrom . Going to the mall was like my weekend activity for a while back in the day in Vegas and I would usually start off (if I went to Fashion Show mall) with an enorme iced vanilla latte with whipped cream. Like this one. I usually did this with Julia.

I am going to sit here in the quiet of the night and continue searching the web for rave pics from back in the day.