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This is one of my fave murals in is gorgeous. And that is not green color on top it is an actual growing plant. Amazing. Can you see me standing there in front of it?

Since about a week now I have noticed that fall is in the air. It is still has been a very warm and at times a very hot summer here but it has cooled down at night. So yes colder weather and rain is around the corner.
Another thing I have to mention is Afghanistan. What a TERRIBLE situation. I have been getting most of my news from over there from BBC and Der Spiegel. I feel bad. What else is there to say? Poor everybody involved in that mess over there. I wish things were not unfolding this way.


This week I did my receptionist volunteering thing, I usually do that once a week. I get free coffee and get to read interesting magazines. A story on Hans Christian Andersen in this magazine, one of the saddest fairy tales I know is "The Little Match Girl". I have actually cried reading it.

And I finally made a forever home for my 2019 playa dust. I kept the dust (a very fine sand) in a plastic container until today. My procrastination is real, this project took almost two years.....
The Burning Man 2019 art theme was Metamorphoses, "a celebration of change, and an exploration of uncertainty. Memory is fickle, and the future is uncertain".
Interesting huh? Cause not too long after that COVID-19 swept across the globe and there was no official Burning Man in 2020 and this year's event is postponed until 2022....but not really. So, am I going to Burning Man this year? There is only one way you will find out. Keep on reading my blog! :-)


Today I drove to Washington, actually Washington (state, not Washington DC) is not far from Portland. Just across the Interstate Bridge, the Columbia River is floating underneath it, and there you are. I am walking two fashion shows this week in Portland and did my fitting in Vancouver today. I tried on a few dresses, showed off my walk and that was that. I haven't done a fashion show in a long time but when I lived in Vegas I did them now and then.
Some of the designer's dresses.

One of the dresses that I tried on today.

I brought heels for my fitting. I keep my heels in individual bags. Other things that I do to prepare for a fitting is to always shower (of course) beforehand. Cleanliness is imperative. If you put on deodorant make sure it is clear. I keep my hair down or up, so I bring a hair clip and I wear no make up. Hair and make up will be done the day of the fashion show.

My Life In Pictures

Here are some moments of my life in pictures. A life that is passing by so fast by the way.....Do you feel the same about your life?
My new mask routine, well really not a routine since I have only done this once so far.
But after cleaning my face with a face brush I first slather on some Manuka honey.
It makes you look like you got dipped in liquid gold. Or like you are a character in a James Bond movie. Which I should TOTALLY be the main female lead in the next James Bond movie (if there will even be another one?).....right? Let it sit for at least 20 minutes.....then rinse.

And then apply this overnight face mask - Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream by Acure. Go to bed, sleep and wake up looking.....the same? Younger? Less wrinkles? LOL.
In my head at least I am being nice to my skin by doing this two step face mask routine.

Got more Kevin Murphy stuff. Repair Me Wash & Repair Me Rinse. I like.

I used up the last of some Olaplex I had laying around, I leave this hair treatment on overnight as well. And to make sure I get everything out, I cut open all product tubes, even toothpaste tubes.
Olaplex recently came out with a new product, Olaplex No. 8 Bond Intense Moisture Mask. I have not tried it. And there is something called K18 that I have seen mentioned a few times, another hair product. I am curios about both of those. On my maybe try list.

My braid.

I have been drinking these, one a day. Yummy.

Thought I looked cute in my friend Fatima's rose colored glasses. No make up at work for two years now. Welllll no, I had make up on three times in the last two years now that I think about it, the last time was in January. No make up means NO make up. Some people say no make up but they still have foundation or some BB cream on, or mascara. I have not even combed my eyebrows cause I lost the toothbrush that I used for that purpose.
I need a new toothbrush for my eyebrows.....on next week's to-do list.
I might have to do an effort and put some make up on this week. Maybe. Not sure yet.

I saw these two friends during a walk. Cute.

Today's Pet Pack. I am getting to know all kinds of people downtown during our Pet Pack Sunday time. It is so much fun! And I see all kinds of stuff. Good and bad. We are there to help feed the dogs and cats. If I could I would help every animal that needs it. Maybe one day I will be able to do more. I hope so.
That is my love Chhaya on the shirt. ❤️❤️❤️ I love her so much. Forever.

Fantastic Fungi

I highly recommend everybody to watch Fantasic Fungi . One of the narrators is Paul Stamets and if I can brag a little, I did the foam bath (Foam Against The Machine) at the same time he did at Burning Man. The last group of the day that day (2019).
So watching this I learned that the world's largest living organism is a fungus (mushroom) growing here in Oregon, located in the Malheur National Forest! I have driven through there a few times.
I also learned that we are all descendants of mycelium and the importance of us humans to learn how to understand the language of nature. The language of nature part I already knew.
Join the movement!

First Of August

First of August is here already......NOOOOOOO! I am feeling panic inside. Panic that it is August ALREADY and that means that this summer is almost over.
I sat on a bench located on the Sellwood Bridge this day of August 1st 2021 and watched the sky over Portland change colors as it got later in the evening, feeling nostalgic thinking about the summers of my life that went by (too fast as summers often do) and also feeling sadness. Sadness over the state of the world which is terrible.

I feel like we (and when I say "we" I mean humans) are destroying this planet. It is happening. I feel bad for all the teenagers and children that have to take on this mess. What is their future going to look like? I feel bad for all the innocent animals that suffer every day because of us and experience their natural habitats shrinking and getting progressively polluted.
Things are getting more and more out of control. This COVID thing. It doesn't make any sense, what's next in this constantly evolving virus? People's crazy is coming out more and more. The ugliness of human behavior is all over. Increasing random violence. For the first time ever I am thinking that being outside in public might not be safe because there are too many daily random violent acts committed everywhere now. Like everywhere. If you dare flying there might be an episode of rage by somebody fueled by some substance cause sobriety seems to be rare.HOW SAD! I know I am not the only one feeling this way.
Please everybody, face and take on your personal responsibility when possible. No need for more stuff if you already have enough. No need for a new cellphone every year. That new car on a regular. No need to jet off on far away vacations every year. No need to flaunt massive wealth, do something good instead! Do NOT litter. Pick up other people's trash.
Consider the animals. NO it is not your right to abuse them, kill them and eat them. Actually it is NOT. People are complaining that the price of bacon might go up because new animal welfare laws are going to take effect. The new legislation establishes a minimum space requirement for breeding pigs, calves raised for veal, and egg-laying hens, and bans the sale of eggs, pork, and veal from producers who do not comply with those minimum space requirements. Finally I say! Eat some salad you selfish assholes. You are OK with eating veal? A BABY calf? Or eating an animal that lived its whole life under terrible conditions? Some people can't even understand that animals should AT LEAST be humanely treated before slaughter. No wonder this world looks like it does. There are so many delicious things to eat besides meat. Wake the fuck up and evolve into a more compassionate human being. I honestly loathe humans. Ye I know I am not perfect and free of faults but I TRY to better myself and do my part when I can. Some people are so deeply selfish and do not care about anything besides their own wants and needs, I guess those are the ones I loathe. I know there is good out there. But sometimes I feel like the good that is out there is not enough.....that the bad is taking over.
Some of my thoughts on this beautiful summer evening while watching the colorful sky slowly turn dark over Portland.