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Walk With The Moon

This month's full moon is called the Buck Moon and I decided to go outside tonight and let the moon shine on me. A long and my friend Allison walked for about two hours and twenty minutes and she keeps a pretty fast pace. I can definitely feel it in my tired legs now.
It is so gorgeous and so nice outside. Balmy and warm. The summer is in full bloom and I don't want it to end.
Walking and talking about life with a of the better things one can do.
It is getting late and I am tired and as usual I have a busy day tomorrow. Here are some pics from tonight's walk with the moon. Portland is beautiful.

Last Week

It is already past 6 pm this sunny Monday in July. I finally had some time to spend on the blog. Let me tell you about last week.....
I did a bit of self pampering, I have been so lazy on that front for years now actually. Perhaps I should just invest a large chunk of money in some ablative laser sessions, a large dose of botox and sit back and relax for a few years?
My friend Jen gave me this very soothing sheet mask with spirulina, I liked it. I need more. Another face mask I do on occasion when I feel motivated is slather my face with Manuka honey and leave it on for at least 20 minutes.

Another super exciting event in my life is that I got a new shampoo and conditioner. Yeay! Hydrate Me Wash and Hydrate Me Rinse by Kevin Murphy. I have been wanting to try this hair care line for years and I finally did something about it. You can find Kevin Murphy in some hair salons or get the products online. I also want the Hydrate Me Masque and the Angel Masque.

Yesterday I had Pet Pack. I do that 2-4 Sundays a month. My friend Mario that I see during Pet Pack has given me all of this so far. So nice! I told him that I want a pink sapphire as well. Give me moooooore!

Then I went to my friend Richard's memorial. He used to drink White Russians so I sipped on one for him. Richard you are very missed.

There was food and the cupcakes had decorations that reflected one of Richard's passions - trains.

When I got home I sat down and tried this non alcoholic Rosé by Töst. Very yummy.
I highly recommend it!

Let's see what this week brings.....I am getting exhausted just thinking about it. I am planning on sinking into my couch and watching some Netflix tonight, I haven't done that for a while. The plan is to check out Cat People, I heard that the first episode features Portland's Cat Rapper - Moshow.