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Cargo Cult

Every year Burning Man has an art "theme". This year it was Cargo Cult and last year it was Fertility. I SO wanted to go last year but when I got around to buy my ticket I was too late, the tickets were sold out. Anyhow.....I read up a bit on the meaning of this years theme but I am too lazy right now (just had a latte and actually feeling sleepy) to try to describe it. But the Man stood on top of a spaceship this year, until it got lit on fire and burnt to the ground.
You can read more about it here if you are curious.

There were impressive art pieces to be found all over the playa. I think there were 372 pieces. Some were huge. I have so many pictures but a picture doesn't make this experience justice. But this one is very pretty I what it says. More to come.....

How about nudity on the playa? You would see the occasional totally naked person, lots of women with no tops on and many men in tutu's. And many people wearing underwear only. To me it was completely non sexual. It's not like the nekkid people are pushing their genitals in your face, they are very natural about the whole thing. Although I could sense a sexual energy at times but that had nothing to do with the naked people. So if you go to Burning Man, please leave all your backwards morality and prudishness at home. There is no place for it there. Did I run around naked? No. I run around naked so much at work already. I did take a shower and foam bath together with a bunch of other, mostly naked people. But I kept my panties on. If nobody is throwing money at me, those are NOT coming off.....OK? ;-)
Well.....I did get naked at the playa once, I will put the result of that here soon.
That shower/foam bath was AMAZING and very refreshing. If it is there next year I will go there once a day, at least. It was GREAT. A large group of people taking a communal shower with music playing and people dancing.......FUN!!!!

I also took two more showers at Burning Man. I found a tent called Pussy Riot where girls, or goddesses, as the two guys running the whole operation chose to address the ladies coming though as. And ya'll know by now that I am a goddess, right? :-D
In the Pussy Riot tent, I took my sweet time and washed my hair and shaved. There was a group of girls there finishing up their shower before I got there and I observed how the only guy present, when he was around (it was his set up) was acting. I was not going to take a shower and get groped, no thank you. But he was totally cool and a sweetie. I am going to bring him something nice next year, if I can find him and his tent on the playa. Next to the Pussy Riot tent there was a shower set up called Dirty Hot Girl Shower. I took a shower there, in a totally see through shower stall and I felt a bit hesitant at first to step into it and start showering but people could not have cared less. Those couple of showers were wonderful and my hair really needed to get washed and conditioned.


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Juliana on : all sounds good and interesting...all the naked beauty and people restraining themselves in lieu of keeping with the artistic spirit and vibe of the theme. What I most liked of all though in your post was the beautiful picture of the Black Rock poem.... "Changed forever never to believe in the ordinary again". gorgeous..
I can't wait to read more. I'm so proud of you for going and having a wonderful time. Let's definitely try to go together.xoxoseven

Tatiana on :

Yes.....I think you would LOVE it, right up your alley actually.
Next year?

Paul on :

Good reading about this stuff, very tempted to visit next yr.

Cargo Cult! Text book example for how religion/cults form, it's sounds preposterous but most religions originated this way! Depressingly this still happens in lot of places even today.

Pussy Riot, awesome group, stick it to Putin!

Tatiana on : should go if you is very memorable and feeds your soul with lots of positive stuff.
Regarding Putin.....although I find him very SEKSI I think he needs a good spanking, all this nonsense about incarcerating the members of Pussy Riot and the homophobia spreading in Russia with his help.
My little Volodya needs to come to Kenai so I can beat some sense into him.

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