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HI December!

I am in bed. Chhaya is snoring next to me. She is so cute when she sleeps, her mouth is slightly open and sometimes she dreams and
kicks her legs really hard. I know she kicks hard because I am usually at the receiving end of the kicks.
Today I had an insanely crazy stripper kind of day. Like every day is in my stripper life.
I met up with my girlfriends that I also have hot lesbo/stripper sex with at a drop of a hat.
We went shopping for crotchless panties and push up bra's and flashed all kinds of people (on purpose of course).
Then we snorted some coke and got sloppy drunk at the local bar. Me and my two super hot blonde and
busty girlfriends picked up two studly guys and had some craaaaazy mind blowing sex. All five of us. That is just what stripers do all the time, hello!
Snorted some more coke and called it a night. Doing it all again tomorrow.
Wait........that wasn't me.
Let's see. I woke up early. Too early. Had a coffee. Read some blogs. Decided to go back to sleep, woke up around noon. Wrote a blog.
Ate some sandwiches. Tried to find something interesting to watch on tv - there was nothing.
Took Chhaya out for a walk. Had on very un sexy and un revealing clothes. That's a good thing.
Drove into town. Got a latte and an apple fritter. Did some errands. Got a new book, excited about new book, "Aleph" by Paulo Coelho.
Got home, ate some more, did dishes and cleaned a very dirty and in dire need of cleaning, stove. Felt happy to be done with the stove.
About to read new book soon and go to sleep later.
And how was your day?


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