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Lied today.....

Tatiana lied to a stranger today.......and afterward she spent a few minutes fretting over it in her head, she felt a little bad, but she thinks it was a white lie.
A girl walked up to Tatiana's car, right when she was about to exit it and get some stuff from the store. This was in a large parking lot.
The girl wanted to sell Tatiana something, she held a large cereal box or something similar to that in her arm and and had a button that said "Jesus" on it attached to her shirt. Tatiana did not want to buy anything, she did not want this girl to waste 5 minutes or so, trying to convince Tatiana to buy whatever she was Tatiana blurted out, "Sorry, I just have a debit card". Though of course she had cash. Tatiana did just not want to waste this girls time. White lie? Yes? Ok?
Tatiana thinks it was better this way. The girl was really sweet and Tatiana wishes her good luck, since Jesus is involved too.
Maybe next time, if Tatiana sees her again, she should coach her a little. Like, don't spend any time trying to convince people to buy anything from you, that's a waste of energy.
Just say, "YOU NEED" with confidence and a smile. Or just a, "YES!?" and nod your head and smile. Or to change it up a little, kick the person on the leg, or the chair or the couch they are sitting on, that's what Tatiana does. It always works!


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