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Tatiana did watch

Tatiana did watch the wedding between Kate and William the other night, it started at midnight here in Alaska and she was up anyways.
It was sweet, they do look in love and Kate smiled often and looked happy and very beautiful.
Tatiana thinks that they are happy together and he seems like a nice guy, but besides that Tatiana still thinks that monarchy is dusty and passé.. Maybe with Kate, some of it will change for the better in The UK.
But what some of the ladies that attended the wedding decided to put on their heads was baffling. Seriously? One woman had a hat on that looked like a satellite dish attached to the side of her head, fun to sit behind her in church, you wouldn't be able to see anything, rude.
And that Beatrice chick, she had on the most ridiculous hat of all. Good Lord! LOL. Just a sign right there that money does not buy you class.
She and her sister look like Cinderella's stepsisters, yuck. Like cows. Moooooooo!
Tatiana did not stay up for the kiss on the balcony.
And during the wedding she was waxing her legs (the hairiest ever) and indulging in some skincare, Aveda herbal claymask right here.


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