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Early Saturday morning

Tatiana got home from another night at work not too long ago. She took Chhaya out real quick and then made herself some tea (Earl Grey with sugar and lemon). Soon she will shower and go to sleep. She is happy to be home. It is nice and quiet.
She is thinking about going to the gym when she wakes up, sometimes around noon. But that is just a thought right now, sometimes thoughts do not become reality in Tatianas world, they remain just thoughts.
So remember that girl that Tatiana mentioned a few blogs ago, that works at a strip club in Stockholm, Sweden? Well, she just came out and said that she used to be a man. Tatiana does not know if this is true or not, it might just be something she is saying to get some extra attention because she is getting quite a lot of that in Sweden. Or it might be true, many people have commented on that she looks like a man. She is blonde, fake hair color, she has big boobs, fake. Her body seems ok, in some pictures it looks really nice but sometimes reality and pictures are two totally different things.
Tatiana has worked with men or men that had operations and became women in strip clubs before, in Vegas. There were at least three of them that Tatiana knew of at the Crazy Horse Too. One was very obviously a man, with man arms, a face to match that and absolutely no hips, but he/she made money. Why? He/she had big blonde hair and very large boobs, that helps a lot in a strip club. Most guys are drunk anyways and they only see the big boobs, that's all they focus on. Dummies.........
Girls can look like shit in the face and the overall figure but if they have some ratty blonde hair, even if it is extensions and some huge boobs, they will make money. Tatiana has witnessed this countless of times.
Are there any men, or women that used to be men working at The Bush Company, you are wondering now? YES! Two. You probably had dances from them. They booth look superhot and could fool most, they had really good surgeries.
No, no, no, Tatiana is just kidding!!! No, NO sex change dancers at The Bush. But some of the girls working could use some help in the "how to be more feminine" department. But whatever, either you got it or you don't.
Here are some things that Tatiana thinks are not so feminine. Really short hair. Can be cute on some girls but in general, not so much. Too many tattoos, unless you are Daisy from "Daisy Of Love", her tattoos are nice and thought out and she is very girlie. A bad walk - ugh. That just looks awful. A deep voice or a laugh that sounds like a cackling hen - yuck. Girls that burp super loud, drawn out burps - gross. A manly face - get an operation. No curves - women should have a waist and hip definition. Rough skin - it's easy to have soft skin, just exfoliate on a regular basis and use lotion.
Well, Tatiana is getting sleepy. She will write more another time.


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Anonymous on :

The stripper in sweden is now saying that she lied and that she has always been a woman. who knows?

Tatiana on :

Yes, Tatiana just checked the Swedish strippers blog
That's her blog.
She is supposedly not working at the strip club anymore though "she just loooooveeeed her job SOOO MUCH". Tatiana suspects they fired her because her saying she was a man gave the club bad publicity, most heterosexual guys would rather die than admit they had the hots for another man, even if the man has blond hair and huge tits. The club does not want to be associated with having men working there as pretend women. So now she is supposedly going to start a new career.
Whatever. Tatiana thinks it was stupid of her to lie for that long about something as serious as that.
And she does look like a man, she has a very hard looking face.

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