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Christmas Is Over

Who else can not believe that we are more than halfway into January already? I know I can't be the only one.
I am kind of sad that Christmas is over. Christmas is like a fuzzy, cozy, nice, traditional bubble to crawl into and then it is New Year and shortly after that you are ripped out of that nice bubble into the often not so fun realities of life.
I finished the gingerbread cookies and I am definitely saving the tin they came in.....I love it. KISA Pepparkakor from Sweden! I have a dear friend in Germany that I call KISA - so KISA if you read this, HELLO! ❤️

A friend came over for a sleep over, we stayed up until late and talked and talked.

Since mid November when things started shutting down again here in Portland (due to COVID) I have watched the following series on Netflix......
Love & Anarchy. Which I watched only because it was filmed in Stockholm and I love seeing footage from my hometown. The series itself was a bit strange. I could not really relate to much of it besides the Stockholm parts.
Emily In Paris. I liked it, fun scenarios and the French are so French. Emily definitely has a dream job (can I have that job please?) and her neighbor is a very good looking guy.
Bridgerton. Fun costumes, too many cringey sex scenes (I guess some of the sex scenes ended up on porn sites -LOL), Daphne is pretty and Simon is hot but I am more fascinated with the narrator Lady Whistledown. That would had been me.
Cobra Kai. I did not think I would like it but five minutes into watching I was hooked. I freakin' LOVE Cobra Kai and I have not even seen any of the Karate Kid movies. It has too many fight scenes for my taste but it is still amazing. And what else is amazing is that everybody from the original cast could make it back for this. Well, not Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) but I am sure he is present in spirit. My fave is Johnny Lawrence as an adult. And I love the 80s flashbacks. I can't wait for season 4!
Now I do not know what to watch anymore.....what a dilemma!
Besides watching Netflix I have also been feeling down for about a week and a half. Like I said, no more Christmas. Therefore no more cozy bubble. Everything just feels BLEH, I feel like BLEH. I had about four or five days when I just wanted to sleep and not get up. Nothing felt fun. I did not want to be a responsible adult, I just wanted to sleep and not think or feel and do.
Then I had some persistent headaches and felt miserable because of that. I forced myself to drink more water.
I wish I could get a job as a bed or pillow tester or professional sleeper. I would excel. I love sleeping and the state in between sleeping and being awake. It just feels good.
Yesterday I started feeling better and today I finally put all my Christmas decoration away.


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