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Snippets From Work

I get bored easy....especially at work. I am super impatient and need things to happen. And I hate being bored at work but it happens more than often. When I worked at the cafe in Vegas I would be so bored at times that I thought I would crawl out of my skin but I had to contain myself. At the club I can basically do whatever I want when, take a nap, sing loudly, talk and laugh with my friends. And take pictures. Here are some snippets from work.
We had cake. It was the clubs's 19th anniversary. Since I am planning on working here until I am at least 80 I will be here for many more anniversaries. Yeay!

Forget about Monday Night Football and whatever other lame sport you sit at home watching while half asleep. We have KOOTER BALL! And you can win a growler when you play! What is kooter ball? You have to come in to see it and participate of course. It is only one of us that does the kooter ball, she is the sole inventor of it. I think she should go on Shark Tank with her kooter ball game and see if one of the sharks would be willing to invest some serious money in this fun sport and then kooter ball would be played all over the US.

And speaking of kooter. Last week a group of drunk women came into the club.
Typical sloppy behavior, pulling out their tits that nobody wanted to see and asking us dancers to show our “kooters”. I asked the one that was loudly demanding to see some “kooter” if that is what she calls her lady parts? Kooter? Like what do you have down there? Roadkill? I asked her that, if she had roadkill underneath her skirt and told her that none of us dancing that night had any kooters to air out for her. I suggested that she pull out her own kooter and show it to her friends. Of course as the night progressed they managed to fall off the chairs because of too much to drink and left with a couple of dudes they made friends with in the club. Classy! Actually, not many of the girls I dance with would behave that way when out and about….it’s usually non dancers that pull that shit (I can think of one I used to know who is not a dancer anymore that WOULD get drunk and out of control like that when going out, often together with her non dancer buddies that would act just as bad. I am sure she has showed off her demeanor in every bar on the Kenai Peninsula by now).
Yes….I love to joke around and my jokes are pretty colorful (if you ever had the pleasure to hear them) but I would never go into a strip club and yell at the dancers to show me various body parts just because I happen to be there sitting at the stage with some dollars out. Barf.

This Sally Hansen spray is used by many dancers all over, it's almost a staple. It comes in different shades and some girls spray down their whole body before their shift. It makes you look darker (fake tan) and hides things like cellulite, body zits and ingrown hairs. I stopped using self tanners a long time ago. I am just pale now.

Some new kind of VAGINE spray, Queen V. #MAINTAINYOURV
I do not think that VAGINE sprays are necessary, a shower daily when working works for me.

So we have a wheel now, kind of like the wheel of fortune. But the wheel is, according to me, NOT FUN. Look at it.....
A free admission and loose change from the VIP sofa plus some other just as boring options.

So I decided to make it more FUN! :-D

Here is a closer view.

It is called HUMOR! But my contribution got taken down. Not appropriate I guess.

EDIT - Last night Desi told me that a dancer fell off the stage face first into the wheel and got a cut on her forehead. There was some blood gushing. Exciting!


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